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9 Benefits Of Influencer Marketing

Bhagyashree is passionate about influencer marketing. Her experience of successfully executing influencer marketing campaigns for various brands has made her adept about anything & everything when it comes to 'Influencer marketing'. With a flair of writing, she shares her knowledge with the world through her rb_blog about influencer marketing.

The phenomenon of endorsement is not new, for as long as the ads have been there, the marketers are known to use popular personalities to endorse their brands and products. But in the new age of social media, new ways have come into light in the context of brand promotion, which is influencer marketing strategies. These are the brand ambassadors who are not necessarily famous but have a drastic impact on the market. 

The trend of influencers is booming as these influencers have large organic followings enabling to reach a vast targetted audience. As these influencers rise, the business opportunities have also taken a peak, with the rise in various influencer marketing agencies such as Confluencr

As the realm of social media grows, the impact of influencer marketing is also having a huge effect and have become a path of career for many. Apart from this, here are some of the benefits that influencer marketing provides. 

1. The ROI Is On The Peak

From a large scale multinational organisation to a small startup, all varieties of businesses are receiving positive returns from the influencer marketing strategies. Market research concluded that 90% of marketers say ROI from Influencer Marketing is comparatively better than any other marketing channels. The proven method of generating enormous returns has made influencer marketing a $1 billion industry alone in Instagram, which led to an increase in the investment budget in coming years. 7% of the businesses intend to invest more than a million dollars in 2020 into influencer marketing. 

2. Dominates The Minds Of The Audience!

Studies have proven that the power for impacting the purchasing decisions of consumers lies in the hands of influencers. Statistically, 49% of consumers rely on the recommendations of the product which is shared by the influencers. In an analysis of the purchase behaviour, more than 50% of consumers claim to buy the product and decide the brand through online videos. Furthermore, marketers say that influencer marketing is the fastest-growing channel for customer acquisition. 

3. High-Quality Audience

Studies show that 22% of marketers believe that influencer marketing is the fastest-growing channel for customer acquisition. Furthermore, 50% claim to acquire higher-quality customers through influencer marketing compared to other acquisition channels. This portrays that influencer marketing is the most successful medium for attracting consumers with high purchase intent, thus an effective method to drive sales. 

4. Access To Specific Consumers - Gen Z And Millenials!

Nowadays, the market is run mostly by the Millenials and Gen Z’s audience. For which influencer marketing is an essential way to reaching this critical and vital audience. Studies have shown that 85% of Gen Z uses social media platforms to learn about new brands and products. These are the audience who are highly receptive to receive specific information through social media. 

5. The Trendsetters

Being the go-to source for information about new products and brands in the specific industry, the followers of the influencers respect and idolise their opinions. When a brand markets through an influencer, the product or the brand acquires a cool-factor as the influencer’s recommendation are known to be credible. This way influencers set a trend, that social media users trust. 

6. Rise Of Authenticity

When it comes to the influencers, they are highly selective when choosing to partner with the brands for product endorsement. They are known to add the level of authenticity to the sponsored influencer content. An analysis shows that more than 50% of responses from influencer interviews, that the relevancy, trust and brand affinity are the important factors that an influencer considers while partnering with the brand. With the rise of the loyal influencers, the quality of authentic content in the information is also taking a rise. 

7. Peer To Peer Trust

The opinions of an influencer are of high value and reliability compared to any other source of marketing. 70% of teenagers say that they depend on the influencer recommendations for any brand or product rather than traditional celebrities. The phrase PEER trusts their PEERS is what is in the effect, and makes it the most efficient mode of marketing. 

8. Multi-Platform Versatility

Brands reach their audiences on both web and mobile through influencer marketing. Depending on the influencer and the campaign, the content can be cross-promoted on various social platforms in order to maximise the reach of the campaign. 

9. Long Term Impact

With its structured execution, influencer marketing has a lasting impact on its audience because of its authenticity and reliability. The audience might not remember the adverts but they will definitely take away the information from the influencers. In the simple terms, influencer marketing is a word of mouth that travels people to people hence maintaining its longevity and value among the audience. 

These are a few of many benefits that influencer marketing holds for the businesses. This helps businesses to bypass the obstacles that are faced in online marketing commonly. Because of the overt advertising, the audience is mostly adopting the ad blockers, hence influencer marketing is offered a viable way to interact with the consumers. Companies like Confluencr, An Influencer Marketing agency enables the brands and influencers to find the common platform for the effectiveness of the campaigns.


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