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Online Marketing Mistakes You Should Stop Making from Today

The article list some of the online Marketing Mistakes that people use to make commonly such as: Forgetting to optimise website for Mobile Users, Not Engaging with People on Social Media, not Using Email Marketing (Even though it drives a lot of conversions), not using video content marketing strategy, etc. In this article we went through each and every steps to avoid these marketing mistake, so you can leverage the opportunity to drive maximum traffic and conversions for your website.

Every one of us makes mistakes. I’m guilty of this too. Over the years, I’ve seen and witnessed people making blunders. One should learn from these errors and prevent them from happening again. Today, I’ll be sharing a list of top online marketing mistakes that I have seen people making on a daily basis. For each mistake, I’ll highlight what people are doing and how to correct it.

Forgetting the Mobile Users

Every one of us has a phone in our pockets and we use it much more than just for making calls.

Having a website isn’t just enough. Your website must be optimized for mobile devices because bad mobile experiences can turn your prospective customers away from your business.

According to a survey, 50% of people said that they are less likely to use services from a company whose website is not mobile friendly despite liking the company’s brand. What kind of impression does it leave in customers’ mind?

If you have a budget, you can try making a mobile application for your business website. If not, then make sure your website is mobile friendly.

Not Engaging with People on Social Media

Most of us understand the fact that social media optimization can help a business to create an online presence, but many of us fail to engage with our social media audience. Scheduling social media posts on tools like Hootsuite is a big mistake that must be avoided.

Creating social media accounts and just posting to them isn’t enough. Someone in your company must take the responsibility to respond to comments and questions on social media. Consumers are increasingly turning to social media to voice their customers' service concerns. Don’t ignore them. Have someone from your company ready to respond to such complaints politely.

Not Using Email Marketing

Most of the companies fail to engage users visiting their website.


If you are spending money on online marketing, you wish to do everything to maximize the value for every visitor. This is where email marketing comes into play.

After you have captivated the users, you must consistently engage them on your platform. Consider them as a prospect and start running email marketing campaigns to engage them regularly. Ensure that you send targeted campaigns to these users. For example – Lure the users with exciting offers and discounts who have visited your website and haven’t purchased any service/product.

Forgetting to Use Videos

When we say the word – ‘social media’, most of the people think of Facebook and Twitter. But what about YouTube? Your business should have a YouTube page too. Don’t forget Facebook videos either. Even Instagram lets you post the videos that are 1 minute long.

Videos are really engaging and help to capture the attention of viewers. Video content marketing is one of the trending digital marketing strategy these days.

The use of videos can generate new leads and ultimately lead to conversions. If you haven’t used video marketing so far, it’s the time now!

Targeting Everyone

You should know who to target with your online marketing campaigns?

Everyone with a smartphone?

People with a laptop?

Anyone with the Internet access?

It’s not the correct way to target. You should narrow your target market. Consider viewing the demographics of your existing viewers. This information can be used to enhance marketing efforts. Never make assumptions about the demographics of your customer base.

Once you narrow down your target audience, you’ll get more success from your digital marketing campaigns. The lead flow will be more relevant in this way.

Targeting everyone and anyone is really an inefficient way to spend money.

Not Measuring the ROI

How much money is spent on your online marketing strategies? What return you are getting?

Don’t throw the money on digital marketing strategies blindly without calculating the ROI from your last spent.

If you are inefficient to measure the ROI, you won’t be able to know how successful the digital marketing strategy was.

An unsuccessful campaign can make a hole on your pocket if you keep repeating them.

You must decide how you want the ROI to be measured: Common metrics that must not be overlooked while measuring marketing ROI are:

  • Traffic
  • Leads
  • CTR (Click-Through Rate)
  • Conversions

Once you have decided what your campaign goal is, you can calculate the ROI. Take the financial gain from the investment made and subtract the cost of your investment. Divide that number by the total cost of your investment. This is how you calculate the ROI.

Ensure you determine the ROI of all the marketing campaign moving forward. This is the only way to monitor the success of your strategy.

The Bottom Line

These are some of the most common online marketing mistakes that you should stop today. Such mistakes can cost you in the long run without yielding good results.  Create a foolproof marketing strategy that can drive you potential traffic and most importantly quality leads so that the ultimate goal of marketing is fulfilled.

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