Travel Insurance Glossary

Important Terms in Travel Insurance Glossary

While traveling abroad, the primary thing that you must think about before dreaming of your good days in the country is Travel Insurance. Travel insurance will add more comfort and fun to your trip and allow you to have a tension-free vacation because now you know that you have it all covered if anything happens.

Before you go for travel insurance, make sure to go through all the details carefully to find out if they match your needs or not. But before you begin your insurance hunt, you must be well versed with the Travel Insurance Glossary. When you read the details and guidelines while buying the insurance, there will be specific terms that you will come across, and you must know those terms to figure out the meaning and have a clear idea of what exactly you are going to purchase.

Below given are some terms from the Travel Insurance glossary.

1. Cancel For Any Reason


This facility is never offered individually but is provided as a part of some comprehensive plan. When you opt to Cancel for any reason facility in the travel insurance, you are likely to get all the non-refundable payments you made regardless of your reason to cancel.

2. 24 Hour AD&D


AD&D policy is designed for different scenarios. Accordingly, the plan includes Common Carrier AD&D, Flight only AD&D, and 24 Hour AD&D. Common

Carrier AD&D will pay the legatee when the person meets with an accident or dies during the course while traveling in any form of public transport. Flight only AD&D will cover only when the traveler gets injured or dies during the journey when in the plane. If you are looking for something that could provide you with complete coverage, the event is available in a 24 Hour AD & D policy. 

You will not find 24 Hour AD & D in every company's policy; only a few selected companies offer this policy. 

Before planning anything else, make sure you have AD&D policies to pay your bills whenever required. 

If you are traveling to a war zone or are sure about taking up adventurous activities there, you should look for the insurance according to your needs.

3. Cancel for Medical Reasons


Suppose you are all ready and excited to travel abroad, go on a trip, and overnight you or your partner fell sick. This would be the last moment on the earth when you would like to get ill. In such cases, you can use the policy where you can cancel the trip for medical reasons. You will get the coverage for all the payments you have already made. This can be pre-paid, non-refundable travel expenses which you will get covered.

You can avail of this plan's services only when you, your partner, or a blood relative are not doing well in terms of health. To be very clear, ordinarily cold, and could are not included in the medical conditions. If you have any serious issue, then you must have a prescription from a doctor or an expert claiming you are not in good shape to travel. Then only you can reimburse your money.

4. Weather Conditions


When you are at the airport waiting for your flight, but it is getting delayed from the last few hours, you can ask for reimbursement for everything you have paid. There are specific terms and conditions applied to this facility. You can only appeal for the coverage after the delay for 6 hours or more.

5. Baggage Loss


If you are in a foreign country where your baggage is stolen or lost, how will you recoup it? If you have travel insurance, things might not get that ugly for you because you can ask for a reimbursement. 

The procedure to get a reimbursement is not that easy. If you are carrying the item in your baggage above thousand dollars, you'll have to inform your travel insurance providers in advance. They will ask for proof of the object belonging to you. In that case, many take photographs of the items while packing helps travelers keep the record for travel insurance. 

Above listed are five standard terms that a traveler needs to look into the travel insurance glossary. While looking for a perfect travel insurance policy for you, always remember what these terms are and how they will help you on the rainy days. Do not forget to read the terms and conditions properly because ignorance can cause you a significant loss. 

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