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Industrial marketing - Social positioning is the key to win sales!

Filter Concept is one of the leading filters and cartridges manufacturing company, also dealing in filter bags, oil filters, water filters, dust filters for home and industrial purpose and serving services all over the world.

Manufacturing industries need to market, advertise and position the brands and products with more than just the benefits provided. The audience lives in a world full of advertisements, to grab attention and sustain it is a task which is both difficult and of dynamic scope. The marketing strategies are to be built on a principle which facilitates long sustainable presence for the brand in the audience’s minds. The need to be creative and socialize the message of the product, the benefits needs to be marketed in a manner through which the brand image and position can be connected to a social context which in essence will help to maintain a customer relationship for a long period of time and help build newer.

A social image builds a consistent relationship

An industrial manufacturing business is rather a professional overview and henceforth the need to be creative in marketing and creating a unique brand image and position is important. The marketing hacks to create a buzz are to blend an industrial product with a social cause, a social image helps build sympathy and respect in customer’s minds. The mindsets of consumer groups hold a special worth, the key element to attract and sustain the attraction and interest is what is facilitated by social cause blending. For example, Filter concept an industrial manufacturing company with its key products being industrial filters and cartridges holds a special position in the market through its social presence and contribution, with every year celebration of World Environment Day, planting trees, air masks distribution, etc., forms a strong public image amongst the social beings and henceforth contributes in building a healthy and sustainable brand image and position in the market and customers.

Sustainable brand image facilitates increase brand loyalty

A social brand image through regular contribution in the betterment helps build a sustainable stronghold over the presence and position over in the market henceforth creating brand loyalty in the market, which helps increase sales and facilitates continue growth in the numbers. Filter concept with its regular CSR activities indulge in the social welfare and hence create buzz for the upcoming designs and products whereas also the social image builds strong customer trust and loyalty base for the brand and goodwill is facilitated therefore increase in sales is confirmed. Manufacturing marketing strategies are difficult to design with a professional overview the brand needs to build a strong social image with a head-strong social message to position sustainable brand name in the market and fight against the market noise of hundreds of competitors and stand unique.

Unique brand position: pre-requisite to success

Manufacturing industries need to formulate a unique brand position within the market, through which they will be known, to which their brand will be associated to, therefore to win the interest of the customers they need to provide more and not only benefits will suffice. The need to blend the social contributions with the brand products help build an association hence creating a bridge in customer’s minds, through which the social message, the contribution will be directly associated to the brand products and therefore a stronger and sustainable customer-buyer relationship could be formed along with a world-wide healthy brand image. Filter concept has successfully withheld their brand position along with the quality of their products which help them build unique product images for different lines of products very easily.

Social events: the perfect platform to market!

Human beings are considered to be social animals henceforth the events and rallies held in public interests are the biggest platforms to connect, converse and market your products there! The bonus points earned by the socially active companies is the increased number of opportunities for marketing to the direct end customers, the industrial products rather cannot be distributed in these events but launching of products, public surveys, and general information could be with ease facilitated amongst huge masses, the reactions(responses), the queries, the requirements everything could be very easily gathered on account of these simple yet effective classic form of marketing called social events.


The industrial manufacturing when requires to be marketed it cannot only include the benefits and features of the products, it needs to incorporate social brand positioning as a key aspect in the marketing strategies designing where the key aspect is to grab attention from the huge masses and make them understand why what you do is needed in the first place. The marketing strategies need to be bent in a commercial path when trying and expanding the reach of end-customers, industrial manufacturing when blended with social-economic issues of the public causes to produce a social brand image which in turn provides with brand loyalty and goodwill as certificates of sustainability. The market is fierce and flooded with competitors the need for you to sustain is to build an image which is unique as well as efficient and effective in the minds of customers; to avoid the hindrances of the noise of other brands the need to be social is more of a pre-requisite to success.

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