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Installation of Retro-fit LED tube lights

LED tubes that work with conventional or electronic ballasts and usually are packed with LED starter which simply replaces the old starter.

Installation of Retro-fit LED tube lights

Upgrading your old fluorescent tube fixtures with led tubes can be a confusing process if you're doing it manually and without prior knowledge. Usually you don't even need to change your existing fixtures because there are LED tubes that work with conventional or electronic ballasts and usually are packed with LED starter which simply replaces the old starter.


There are various specifications of led tubes available in market which are:

  1. UL Type A: direct wire
  2.  UL Type B: ballast bypass
  3.  UL type C: Remote driver

These variations are usually specified on the tube so you can purchase the kind of led tube which is best fit for your fixture. They are commonly known as retro-fit led tubes or ballast bypass led tubes because this specification operates by bypassing the existing fixture. Except UL Type C it comes with a separate driver and is a less common and expensive option.

They're used in a wide variety of locations with offices, schools, sports halls, sheds and garages. And they’re available in versatile designs where they can be used individually or otherwise.

 Retro-fit led tube lights usually work with G5 and G13 fluorescent bases. They have been declared the safest replacement for T8 tubes under the international standard EN62776 and have gained popularity in recent years due to their sustainability, and cost effectiveness.

Installation of Retro-fit LED tube lights:

LED tube lights  can be retrofitted in various ways. First thing you need to know is if your fixture is not outdated and actually compatible with the new upgrade.

Retro-fit led tube lights either have integrated led components or they use the ballast from old fluorescent fixtures. UL type A or UL Type B are the most common retrofit specifications also known as direct wire or direct bypass led tubes respectively.

UL Type A comes with a led starter and can be easily swapped in place of fluorescent lamps.

UL type B needs technical assistance as you need to bypass the ballast and rewire  the fixture.

Also in some cases these tubes have both live and neutral connections on the same side so the connection shouldnt be shunted otherwise.

In order to safely replace old fluorescent tubes with new LED tube lights certain precautions must be taken to avoid unforeseen accidents like electrical shocks or failure of light to work.


Retro-fit led tubes are a good investment as they have longer service life and very low maintenance cost because it saves you from occasional replacement of lamps for at least 15 years.

Easy to start with no flickering, they also have above average colour rendering index ( 80 CRI+). They are multi purpose and provide enhanced colour perception and temperature.

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