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Intelligent video analytics – Secure your mining company like never before

Did you know according to the Economic Times, the intelligent video analytics market has increased from Rs 8,200 crore to Rs.11, 000 crore in the year 2017 to 2018?

And what’s more it is said to reach Rs 20,000 crore by 2020! Isn’t that amazing?

But why is this market expanding so quickly?

Mining industry

Needless to say that video analytics provides you with the most advanced security facilities. Furthermore, it also provides you with the facilities like process optimization and quality checks!

So without wasting any more time let’s check out what this thing is all about!

What Is Intelligent Video Analytics?

Video analytics is handcrafted software which is based on artificial intelligence.

In earlier times, artificial intelligence was only used for gaming purposes. But now it is implemented in every field possible.

The implementation of artificial intelligence in video analytics has helped the manufacturing industries to a great extent.

Intelligent video analytics

It uses a special algorithm to analyze your recorded videos and live feed to find out information. This data turns out to be beneficial for the company often saving it from severe loss.

Furthermore, it also analyzes feeds to ensure that there is no fault in any safety measures.

This tool also renders SOP and automation.

In short, video analytics software helps to reduce the manual labour, making you less dependent on human beings.

Now let’s take a look at the advanced security features that are extremely beneficial in the mining industries.

7 Advanced Security Facilities Provided By Intelligent Video Analytics

Did you know that video analytics applications can reduce the crime rate by 95%? This concept is widely believed, making video analytics software a highly used tool.

Mining companies are under constant threat due to lack of security and safety. Besides, they extract some of the most valuable materials like coal, gold, platinum and other materials.

Therefore, security is one of the essential properties of a mining company. But how can you take the responsibility of such a huge firm.

Don’t worry. Video analytics solutions are there to help you out. With these seven major facilities you can easily keep your company safe and sound.

Video monitoring with WDR technology

Mines often lack light since they are underground chambers consisting of priceless materials.

People are often unable to keep a proper eye due to this lack of light. But with video analytics surveillance you can easily get over that.

WDR or Wide Dynamic Range is an image with variations in light source, making the image unclear to detect.

WDR technology is especially created to provide you with ample details in a feed even in low light. This technology  balances the light and provides you with a clear image.

This helps your surveillance system to track down each activity that is going on in those dark mines.

Provide your worker security with intelligent video analytics

Workers are assets of any industry. They tend to risk their lives in order to get these valuable materials.

However, miners often feel uncertain about their jobs. They are risking their precious lives for some mere wage.

Therefore, to remove this uncertainty intelligent video analytics has brought a whole new feature. Workers tend to get alert if any unfortunate event is likely to happen.

For instance, many areas in a mining field can be hazardous to the workers. These areas can be marked and crossing it can send instant alerts to the worker and the authorities.

This makes the workers aware of the area and your company also succeeds in maintaining the safety protocol.

Sends alert if violation of security and safety regulation occurs

Workers often become irresponsible in spite of working in a dangerous field. However, this irresponsibility can often lead your company to a huge penalty.

Video analytics features automatically keep a record of the people who violate these regulations.

Get instant alert on security or safety violation

Violation of security and safety measures may include trespassing in hazardous areas, not carrying proper safety gears, entering restricted areas and much more.

If any such occurrences take place then video analytics trigger the AI system. This notifies the higher authorities.

Prevent theft and destruction

Whenever you talk about valuable materials your mind always remains alert. Priceless materials are often the target of theft.

The procedure of stealing often leads to vandalism.

Therefore, intelligent video analytics provides you with the best surveillance and monitoring system.

Get instant alert on theft and vandalism

This system sends you an alert if an unknown person appears at your premise with suspicious motives. It also sends an alert if any object goes found missing, leading the authorities to take proper action against it.

Refuses to give access to strangers without prior permission

Face recognition by intelligence easily identifies people who belong to the firm and people who do not.

Thereby, recognized people get easy access to the premise.

If an unknown person tries to force himself inside the premise then the system sends an alert.

This creates awareness about the unknown presence inside the firm among the security team and the authorities.

Clear feeds and site view

Video analytics software has the advantage of taking feed from multiple cameras. In simple words you can connect multiple cameras to single software.

Furthermore, you can easily monitor feeds from every camera on one screen. You can also focus on one feed to take particular notice of any occurring event.

Get clear feed and site view

Video analytics CCTV also allows you to adjust the video resolutions easily. You can even track down an event occurring on the other end of the complex remotely.

Vehicle monitoring

Another major facility that intelligent video analytics provide is vehicle monitoring.

Video analytics can easily detect the number plate of a vehicle and its driver’s identity.

This provides you with detailed information about each and every vehicle in and around your premise.

This helps you take proper precaution about any unlucky incident.

Get to know more about how video analytics has proved to be extremely beneficial during this pandemic right here.

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