International Merchant Account

International Merchant Account online business dealing with better transaction

Industries dealing in high-risk are always faced a lot of obstacles and thus look for a secure payment processor to offer them the amenity. Make way for your services in the market with International Merchant Account. We provide you with the best payment gateway services that will allow you to have smooth and flexible payment transaction services to merchants all over the world.


If you are looking to expand your product or services then you need to hire a payment gateway service provider that will provide you with the best offshore service to take your product or services to international customers. International customers have the flexibility to make payments in their currency. They have the flexibility to make payments in their currency. Some of the important currencies such as Dollar, Pound, Euro, etc you can easily have these currencies for your business account. Moreover, you can claim your business internationally and build a strong reputation for your product or services in the market.

Chargeback Alert Processing Solutions

Chargebacks are negatively impacting millions of businesses in North America every year, negatively affecting their business sales and perhaps more importantly, their reputation. Chargebacks are often processed without involving the merchant, leaving them defenseless against fraud and risking their reputations with payment processors and Credit Card Companies. High-Risk merchants that need chargeback protection can benefit hugely from merchant account service providers. To receive real-time alerts and round the clock protection from excessive chargebacks.

How Chargeback will impact your business?      

A chargeback begins at a certain point in time when a consumer files a dispute against a specific charge with their credit card company. Consumers can come across for any number of reasons, including unauthorized transactions, shipped purchases arriving late, damaged or not arriving at all, and unfortunately, consumer fraud. Once the dispute is filed, credit card companies such as Visa, MasterCard or American Express, will notify the payment processor who will usually process a chargeback, refunding the money onto the consumer's credit card. Chargebacks are paid for collectively by the merchant, payment processor, and the processors sponsor banks. Many times the chargeback will be processed without merchant knowledge.

In the early days of credit, chargebacks were designed to protect consumers from fraud, scams and credit card theft. If a merchant were to misuse the credit card information of the user or not provides the desired services to merchants or if a credit card was stolen a consumer would be able to file a dispute with their bank or credit card provider and initiate a chargeback. Unfortunately, however, year after year we are largely seeing an increase in the consumer who is taking advantage of this system and filing disputes fraudulently. We at Webpay brings you the best International Merchant Account services that will allow you to have efficient payment transactions for your business.

How do chargebacks affect merchants?

When chargebacks are processed merchants are the ones who take the biggest hit. It is not that the merchant takes the loss on the sale; they also risk their reputation with the payment processor. Merchants are required to keep their chargeback ratio up to 2% to avoid fines and large fees, meaning that for every 100 credit card transactions they process a maximum of 2 can result in chargebacks. If a high-risk merchant account exceeds a chargeback ratio of 3% then they will have their merchant account closed, and they will no longer be able to accept payments through credit or debit cards from their consumers. If you are on the verge of losing your merchant account then it may get difficult for you to open up a new merchant account with alternative payment processors, and can also negatively affects the merchant's approval if applying for credit. We are the leading High-Risk Merchant Account Provider who will help you get better stability within your business. You can generate awesome revenue without any limitation as you make your gateway supportive. You try amenities which can create extraordinary deals within seconds. Now you do not have to wait for your amount as you get in touch with our experts. The team will offer you the accurate way-out to all your transactions and thus maintain the flow of dealings.

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