Online Basketball Betting & Tips

Introduction To Online Basketball Betting and Match Odds

It doesn’t require any equipment or strong financial commitment to get started in the online Basketball betting. There are plenty of online betting sites and top betting apps for Indians where you can go and place your bet comfortably from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Introduction to Online Basketball Betting

Basketball is a popular sport for betting among many Indian sports betting enthusiasts. Each year thousands of new Indian players try basketball wagering online from an online betting app. If you have never tried basketball betting before but looking forward to starting it soon, we hope this brief explanation will help you to get started in the exciting and entertaining betting opportunities.

If you have already tried betting on Soccer, then basketball betting will be easy-peasy for you as it also uses the point spread for wagering on teams like soccer. Point spread, also called handicap, is the most common betting method in Basketball. Most of the sports betting sites impose it on a particular team to ensure equal odds on both teams. 

In a point spread, a team that is predicted to win is considered favorite, and the one expected to lose is called an underdog.  

And while betting against the point spread, you will be asked to lay 11-to-10 odds. It means you will risk $11(809.14 INR) to win $10 (735.59 INR). 

Apart from Point spread, there are also totals, Money line wagers, parlays, and teasers bets that you can place in basketball from basketball betting site. Keep reading this article to know in detail about different types of bets and match odds.

Basketball Betting Analysis and Match Odds

Spread Betting

Spread Betting is undoubtedly one of the popular forms of betting on Basketball used by a large number of bettors. It is also known as Line betting. If you visit your preferred online sportsbook, you will see the odds of an NBA Basketball game in the following manner. 

Los Angeles Lakers -5.5 VS Boston Celtic +5.5 

It means, if you lay down your bet on the Lakers to beat the spread, they should win surpassing 5.5 points. In simple terms, their bet winning margin should be precisely 6 points or higher. However, if you back the Celtics to cover the spread, they have to either win or lose by a maximum of 5 points for your bet to win. 

Underdogs Betting 

Like many other sports betting format, the average Indian punters like to wager on their favorite teams. It means the basketball betting market odds are primarily set in favor of underdog for larger handicaps. Let us look at some simple statistics to demonstrate this. 

Teams that were featured as underdogs of +12 points or greater have covered over 53% of the line, over the last 10 NBA seasons. 

Similarly, in college basketball, underdogs of +17 points or greater possessed a strike rate of over 53 %. It will take you long to benefit from this strike rate. 

However, this trend reflects that markets are skewed in favor of underdogs. So you have to seriously consider this thing before assessing your bets. Whenever a team is devalued as a lower chance of winning, you will mostly find the spread in their favor. 

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Betting On Popular Teams 

Betting On Basketball Totals 

Many online sports betting India fans have tried this popular form of basketball betting called Totals. Depending on the basketball league and tournaments, the number of point scores will differ from game to game. Let us look in the NBA tournaments where totals land in the range of 180 to 220 points on every game. 

The average point for totals reaches to 190 points. In the case of European and College Basketball, the point totals will be in the range of 120 to 160 points. 

So to succeed on basketball totals, you shouldn’t pay heed to a team’s short term averages. More than this, if you keep a note of the occurrence of the average, it will be much beneficial to you. For example, New York Knicks might continue in an average of 195 for ten games, but one of their particular games may have been an overtime result that leads them to score 245 points. Thus, this result will have an


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