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Is it safe to Play Casino Online in India

BetDaily is an online betting platform where you bet on your favorite game/sport to win loads of cash prizes and bonuses.

When we hear the word ‘Casino’ - the first thing you picture is Goa Casinos with players playing blackjack or roulette or various slot games on huge slot machines. Gambling afficionados love to visit on ground Casinos and play for a chance to win huge jackpots. This ‘chance to win’ in casino games is what lures millions of the Casinos to try their luck and have fun at the same time!

However, in today’s fast-paced world, there’s a fat chance that you don’t get the time to go and play physically at a Casino. Also, there are very few places in India where you can play in a physical Casino. Technology has given millions of players an opportunity to experience the same thrill of playing at a Casino virtually, at the comfort of their homes. Several Casino Operators now offer an online platform where players can play Casino online.

 Importance of Online Casinos

Although an Online Casino is not akin to the traditional brick and mortar Casinos, it has still enticed millions of players in the country. Various games such as Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker, Super spade. enables players to play casino card games online. Excellent user interface specially designed keeping Indian players in mind providing tailored graphics and attractive animations has led to the growth of online gambling in India. The gambling industry in India has been growing at a rapid pace and projected is to generate 250 Billion INR in revenue by 2024. The projection is that it will grow 4 times compared to 62 Billion INR in 2019. Well, that’s a great opportunity, isn’t it?

Betting and Casinos – A Brief History

Gambling has been a way of life in India since the time of Mahabharata. The gambling industry in the country dates back to as far as 3300 BC. Even card games have evolved over the centuries in terms of game variety and style of playing.

 Fast forward to today, as far as the matter of online gambling is concerned, India is yet to announce adequate regulations for the same. Gambling is a state subject in India. Sikkim is the only state which tends to regulate the online as well as brick and mortar gambling. Games such as blackjack, pontoon, keno, punto banco, etc. are now accessible online. There are other card games in casino which are now accessible on the fingertips of the Indian audience. So, what are you waiting for? If you possess the knowledge and trust your luck, it’s a great opportunity as you not only to use your skills to play but also to have some fun.

Players around the world, play casino games online and usually do so because of offshore online casinos that function under international licenses. There are several online casino websites in India that have been operational for a few years now and have a matured online gambling software. They have security measures in place that provide a safe environment for players to play casino games online. Let us dig a little deeper to understand how safe it is to play casino online in India.

 The question of Safety

The main question arises – Are online casinos safe in India? Is it safe to place a bet while playing casino online? Short Answer – Yes, it is. Thoughtful Answer – It depends on where you play! The key question to answer is - Are you playing on a reputed, time trusted, matured online casino platform? If yes, how do you identify such platforms?

Most applications such as have been developed keeping in mind the legality aspect. They welcome the player with the following that the players can’t resist

  • Player Bonuses
  • Assurance of Safety
  • Winning Much More
  • Live Interviews of The Players

Other websites enable you to play with global players and earn more money! Mostly, the websites are built by keeping in mind the security of the investors.

Choosing the right Online Casino Platform

Most online casino platforms promise the following to entice new players –

  • Welcome Bonuses
  • Assurance of Safety
  • Chance to Win Huge
  • Live Games

Here are a few factors you should keep in mind when you are selecting a platform to place a bet on -

  1. Is it Trustworthy: Make sure that the site you use for playing casino games online is from a trustworthy and renowned operator? One way to do that is to check the reviews from past and current players. If you require more information, contact them, ask, and clarify your doubts. Always check for SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate and see if the website possesses – ‘https’. Do not merely open the sites and start feeding your card data. Watch the videos and recommendations online and then decide whether to opt for it.
  2. Security of data: Do not disclose your details without verifying the website. Always confirm the authenticity of the websites through proper analysis. Request the help of friends who have played online before. In case you are stuck somewhere, and if they ask you to deposit money and you see some red flags do not move forward. Taking a back step always helps.
  3. Diversify: One of the basic rules of mitigating the risk is diversifying the risk - “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”.  Try with small bets on multiple platforms first before you place larger bets. It will help you reduce your losses due to fraud. If one of the instruments fail, the profits from another can alleviate the pain. Try betting only when you are sure and confident about the bet.
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