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Bear 3D Graphics is a web based gaming items store that sells Dice Towers in Virginia and other RPG game supplies. We make Dice Rollers in our Bear 3D Graphics from ABS and PLA plastic with 3d printing.

Our website Bear 3D Graphics is dedicated to talking about Dice Games, Dungeons and Dragons games, Board Games in Virginia. You will be amazed to know that we also deal in Vinyl Needle Holder which comes with name plate.

In any Board games, Dice games, RPG games we require Dice. Dice are rolled, tossed or somehow moved, to change them during play. This can create questions about results of dice roll. Dice can go bouncing across the board, or can roll off the table. Then how to decide the accurate results of it? Our three paths, 3d printed, fair and good looking dice tower solves all these problems.

Three Path Castle Dice Tower:

The main castle has three paths for the dice roll – through the stairs on each small castle turret and the main door. Dice case is demountable and fits on top of the main castle to keep your dice handy and safe when not in use. The dice tray is movable and it is felted underneath to protect your table surface and includes a felted interior with a one-inch lip to keep the dice in the tray during the roll. We can use this dice tray with or without the castle. The castle tray, and the interior felt come in a variety of colors.

Pyramid Dice Tower:

To test this tower, We rolled 10 dice at a time with RPG style dice and tower passed easily with no problems. This is the best dice tower available and worth every dollar you spend.

Three Path Skull Dice Tower:

This is our 3D painted Skull Dice Tower and at the bottom Dice Base. Both are hand-painted bone color and come with your choice of colored felt on the base. The base can be removed and is used without the tower. This tower is very much preferred for Dungeons and Dragons and all role-playing games!  It comes in white but can be special ordered in color or glow in the dark.

About us:

We’re a family owned 3D printing company with one goal: To help you bring your vision to reality. Our products are printed with ABS and PLA plastic.

We are concerned about the environment, so we recycle our support structures, extra plastic and shipping materials!

Almost all our products can be customized! Contact us for custom colors, sizes, added logos, names or initials. We have an in-house artist that can hand paint your product to your desires. If you have an idea that you would like to have 3D printed, let us know!

We can scan objects and convert them into an .stl file or 3D print your object in ABS or PLA plastic.

Our 3D Graphics company, is providing best 3d printed D&D gaming products made with ABS or PLA plastic.

We provide following 3D Gaming products that are mainly useful in Board games, Role-playing games Or Dungeons & Dragons games in Virginia.

1. Dice rollers

2. Miniature Castles

3.  Card and Dice holder

1. Dice rollers in Virginia

We provide best Dice Roller in Virginia with battlements designed to scale for 25mm miniatures can be used as a miniatures battle feature.

2. Miniature Castles

All of the fun for one-third of the size! Our miniature castles are perfect for your Dungeons and Dragons games, Board Games or Strategy Games. Measuring 2.5 inches tall, these castles are convenient for the mobile Dungeon Master or as the perfect addition to your miniature kingdom.

3. Card and Dice holder

A perfect compliment to any Dungeons & Dragons game. Buy our Castle card holder and Dice holder online. This Castle Dice and Card Holder can fit up to 8 standard decks of playing cards or use half for cards and a half for your dice cache. It has a nifty balcony for your favorite miniature to watch over your accessories. Add an extra personalization with a nameplate!

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