Complete Guide about German Lotto, aka the 6Aus49

Who wouldn’t want to win big at the lowest price per line? This is essentially what this German Lottery, aka 6Aus49, is all about.

Who wouldn’t want to win big at the lowest price per line? This is essentially what this German Lottery, also known as 6Aus49, is all about. You can get a single line for as low as €1 (INR 79.03), and if you want the line with the Double Jackpot, it would cost you €2 (INR 158.06).

The game is literally what its name says: 6 out of 49! You would get a bonus ball once you draw the main six balls out of a total of 49. To hit the jackpot, you would need to guess the six main numbers along with the Superball.

This game gets organized by the Deutscher (German) Lotto und Totoblock and the first draw that happened was way back in the year 1955. After the first draw, many other countries joined together, and by 1962 they had newer regulations added to their game.

The When and How

This draw happens twice every week. The draw takes place on Wednesday and Saturday of every week, and you can make your ticket purchase until one hour before the actual draw time (10.25 am to 11.55 am IST approx). The next set of lottery tickets would be made available for purchase after the announcement of results of the draw.

You have the option of either buying the tickets or signing up for a subscription. By subscribing you need not worry about missing out on a draw. The money won through draw would be automatically added to your account. After money has been added to the account, from where you can then transfer the amount to your personal wallet or bank account.

The rules of this game are pretty simple. You need to pick 7 random numbers between 1 and 49. Six of these numbers are the main numbers, and the last one is the bonus number. You can alternatively let the number picker automatically select a random number for you. Confirm those numbers and make your payment. You can play as many lines as you want. 

The best part of this game after the huge winning amount is the probability of winning it. You are more likely to win a 6Aus49 jackpot than you would be in the Powerball jackpots or the SuperEnalotto jackpot.

Also, the bigger your odds are, the more is your probability of winning. When you play the game online, you have the option of changing your last ball number. This is a major determiner as this ball is required for you to win the jackpot.

Extra Games : What are they ?

When we talk about extra games, we need to know about three major ones:

Game 77 : If all your numbers match the draws and are in the same order as your serial number you win this. You win a minimum of €177,777 (INR 1,40,49,734.09) through this without taking into account the rollovers. Matching the last 6 numbers in the same order would win you €77,777 (INR 61,46,724.09)

The Super 6 : This is the same as Game 77 only with 6 numbers. Matching them would give you a sure jackpot win of €100,000 (INR 79,03,010).

The Lucky Spiral : This is a draw that happens only on Saturdays. Here, matching only the last number would give you a €10 (INR 790.47) win and matching the last 6 would get you the jackpot of €10,000 (INR 7,90,470) which would be paid to you every month for a whopping 20 years. Now that’s what we call JACKPOT!

At Lottoland, you need not to enter into the official draw and only bet on its outcome. You would win the exact same amount and play the same way as the official game without having actually to enter the draw.

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