Teen patti live casino game

Teen Patti Casino Game 2021 - Easy Guide and Tips To Win Real Money

With the development and advancement of the internet and mobile technology, one can easily play 'Teen Patti' casino games online using a handheld or smartphone.


With the development and advancement of the internet and mobile technology, you can easily play Teen Patti casino games online in India using your handheld mobile or smartphone.

Originated in the Indian subcontinent, Teen Patti is also known by the name ‘Flush’ or ‘Flash’ in some places. Teen Patti is an Indian term whose English translation becomes three cards. The game is almost identical to the British card game ‘3 Card Brag’. A standard deck of 52 cards is used, and here the ranking of the cards is in a usual descending order from Ace (high) down to two (Low). 

Before starting this popular card game, every player has to place an initial bet called ante or boot in a pot at the center of the table.

Any player with the best three-hand combination can sweep the pot money, so this game is basically about whose cards hold the best value. 

In this article, we will provide you Teen Patti guide and free tips to win the Teen Patti online casino game in India. So continue reading for more information. 


Teen patti live casino game

Depending on the Teen Patti Live game version you have selected to play, you can either be playing only against a real human dealer or with other players in the presence of a dealer. You don’t have to be some math genius to play this game.

As talked earlier, Teen Patti is played using a single deck of 52 cards. After entering the Live Teen Patti lobby, you will see a gambling table with betting areas. As soon as all the participants have placed an equal ante bet (boot), the round of Teen Patti starts.

Next, the dealer gives out the cards to all players by placing cards faced down. To make additional bets, participants should wager an amount equal to the ante bet.


real money teen patti

The Real money Teen Patti game begins by placing an amount of bet in a pot before the cards are dealt. Any reasonable number of players can participate in the game. The amount of minimum bet placed by all players is called Ante or Boot. After the participants place their bet, the dealer deals three cards to each of them faced down on the table. 

Next, every player makes a call or a raise on their respective turn. Call means keeping the initial bet intact without adding further stakes. In case a player wants to increase the stake, he goes for a raise and adds more money to the pot. This process of call and raise are termed as ‘Chaal’ in Teen Patti.

A player should increase the bet amount equal to the initial wager until he/she makes a raise. Any player can leave the round in the middle by folding the cards, but it will result in losing their pot money.

If all players except one leave the round by folding, then the one that remains wins all the pot money. 

After that, the new round of the game begins.


To play Teen Patti online successfully in your preferred casino, you should be familiar with the ranking of cards. By learning about the ranking of hands, you will understand which card combination wins the round. Playing the Teen Patti casino game becomes fun if you know the ranking of hands. 

In online Teen Patti, Ace is considered as the highest-ranked card, whereas two is the lowest. The card is ranked from the highest to lowest order. For example, cards with a numerical value equal to the same value and the face cards such as J, Q, and K respectively go in increasing rank after 10.

Check out the ranking of hands from highest to lowest below:

1. Trio Or Trail Or Set: 

The combination of three cards of the same rank is called Trio or Trail or Set. It is considered as the highest possible hands in Teen Patti. 

For example: 

Three queens

Three Aces (A A A): Highest-ranked Trio 

Three Two’s (2 2 2): Lowest ranked Trio 

2. Pure Sequence/ Straight Flush/ Pakki Round:

When you combine three consecutive cards of the same suit, it becomes a pure sequence which is also called straight flush or Pakki Round. Example: Ace, Two, and Three of all Hearts.

straight flush teen patti

A-K-Q of any suit but all same: Highest- ranked pure sequence 

2-3-4 of any suit but all same – Lowest-ranked pure sequence

Note: 2-1-K is not termed as a valid sequence.

3. Sequence/Run:

Here the three consecutive cards combine to form a sequence or a run where the suit doesn’t matter at all. Example: Ace of Diamonds, Two of Clubs, and Three of Spades

teen patti straight

A-k-Q: Highest-ranked sequence

2-3-4: Lowest-ranked sequence

4. Color/Flush:

The three cards of the same suit forms a color. Example: Ace of Cclubs, King of Cclubs and Jack of Clubs. Here the rank doesn’t matter.

color flush

When comparing the color hands, the one holding the highest-ranked card will be declared a winner. In case if both color hands have the same highest – ranked cards, then the second-highest cards of both players are compared. If they also get equal, then the smallest card of each hand is compared to declare a winner.

K-J of the same suit: Highest – ranked color

2-3-5 of the same suit: Lowest-ranked color

Also, note that all suits are ranked equal.

5. Pair/ Double:

If two out of three cards are of the same rank, combines then the hand forms pair or double. Example: Ace of Heart, Ace of Clubs, and King of Hearts.

teen patti pair

If both hands get pair then the hands with higher ranking pair will be a winner. However, if both hands have the same high ranking pair, then the third card of both hands are compared. If a player has a pair of the same rank as that of the opponent but the third card is ranked higher than the third card of the opponent, he/she wins the round.

A-A-K: Highest-ranked pair

2-2-3: Lowest-ranked pair

6. High Card

Three cards that do not belong or fall in the above category are considered of high card category. These cards neither form a run nor create a pair. Example: Ace of Spades, king of spades, and Jack of Diamonds.

teen patti - high card

If both hands don’t even form pairs, then the availability of highest ranked cards are checked on both. If the first highest cards of both hands are identical, then the second-highest cards are compared. In case they are also equal, then the winner is decided by comparing their remaining third cards

A-K-J (not all being of the same suit):) Highest – ranked high card

5-3-2 (not all being of the same suit):) Lowest-ranked high card

Note: Depending on the variation of Teen Patti games, the ranking of the hands could vary. 


how to bet at Teen Patti?

Once the dealer deals the cards face down on the table, the betting starts. The player just right to the dealer begins the betting round followed by other players who act according to their hand strengths. Each participant can do any one of the two things. 

  • Choose to stake an additional bet into the pot and continue playing. 
  • Simply fold the card without paying anything and prepare to lose the bet already gone into the pot. 

If a player prepares to wager an additional bet, these are the options:

  • A player choosing to Blind play should wager an amount equal to the initial stake that they put in a pot before the game starts. The player cannot exceed that amount as long as he/she plays blind. The amount that goes in the pot will be the current stake for the next player. 
  • The players, who choose to see their cards, should wager at least 2x the current stake not exceeding 4x of the same. 
  • Blind players can look at their cards when their turn arrives. As soon as they look up their cards, they will be counted as seen players. Thereupon they should bet at least 2x the current stake. If they don’t find their seen cards useful for winning, they can choose to fold as well. 

Teen Patti is an exciting game with unlimited betting around. It all depends on players whether they want to extend the betting round or shorten it. The more the betting round extends; the more money will be in the pot, and this makes the game more exhilarating and fun.

As the rule of the game, one with the highest-ranking hands wins all the pot money. However, if all the players excluding one fold the cards, the one that remains becomes the winner.


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