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BetGames Lucky 5 Easy Playing Guide - Play & Win Upto 1000x Payouts In India

Before dealing with Betgames Lucky 5 gameplay, let us present you with a brief history of India’s lottery-based games.

Emergence of BetGames Lucky 5 In India

Before dealing with Betgames Lucky 5 gameplay, let us present you with a brief history of India’s lottery-based games. 

It dates back to the Vedic period when people played lottery games for entertainment and social gathering. They used to keep their properties and stuffs like house, land, slaves and other precious metals at stake. 

betgames lucky 5 guide in 2021

And during the British regime in India, the lottery became even more popular among Indians. Considering the growing demand for lottery games, private firms started to organize lottery draws.

It went on till 1967. After that, the Kerala government imposed restrictions on all form of private lotteries and instead created a National Lottery System to generate tax and regulate money laundering. Soon, other Indian states also followed Kerala State administration’s footstep and brought all forms of lottery gambling on their radar. 

Today, the advent of science and technology has changed everything. People no longer have to attend the lottery venues and stay in a long queue. The traditional lottery games have become more advanced and digitalized. The rule has been changed for fair and exciting gameplay. You can now enjoy online lottery draw games like Betgames Lucky 5 from the luxury of your home on your smartphone, tablet, or a desktop. 

The live draw of lucky 5 takes place every 5 minutes, and the draw outcomes are also instantly displayed. If you can’t win the first round of the draw, you can try your luck on next round and so on. It all happens in a flash that you will enjoy the playing session and probably win massive money in India. 

Let’s dive in to know in detail about the Lucky 5 easy playing guide. You can win up to 1000x payouts in India if you learn the rules of this game properly. 

BetGames Lucky 5 Playing Guide

The credit goes to Betgames.TV for designing keno style live dealer games called Lucky 5. As the name suggests, 5 lucky balls are randomly drawn from a pool of 36 balls.

The game is fair because the machine randomly chooses the lucky balls, so all 36 balls have equal chances of being picked. The beauty of this game is, it has a wide range of betting options. After choosing one of its betting options and adding it to your slip from the display, the host starts the draw round. 

Along with an option to add a betting slip, you can decide how much you want to stake. Surprisingly, out of 94 betting options in Betgames Lucky 5, you can choose one and place your wager for a chance to win up to 1000x payouts. Know the bet types and potential payout of Lucky 5 from your game screen before placing your bet. 

Once you choose the bet types and wager specific amount, you have to press the “Place Bet’ button to participate in the draw. Once the draw starts, sit back and relax as within a few minutes, the draw results will be displayed right in front of your screen.

If your prediction goes right, you will be awarded instantly, and the winnings will be credited to your main balance. If the draw result is not in your favor, don’t worry, you can always prepare for the next round and test your luck.  

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Lucky 5 Betting Option 

Out of six betting categories, you can choose your preferred one in Betgames lucky 5. Even though lucky 5 is an online lottery draw game, its markets resemble traditional lottery games. For instance, selecting the correct winning balls rewards you with respective payouts. However, the betting options of Betgames live lucky 5 are broad, which is explained below.



Every colour ball is marked with a number. In this betting option, all you have to do is place your bet predicting what numbered balls are likely to appear. You can either stake on the number of even, odd or the sum of all balls. For example, you can bet on a ball that is likely to be picked with a number from 1 to 36

Bet can also be placed guessing the probability of odd or even numbers appearing on the ball. Likewise, you can put your stakes on the sum of the numbers on picked balls predicting of his odd, even, less than 92.5 or more than 92.5 occurrences. 

Besides, if the “Three Selected balls” are of the numbers you have guessed from 1 to 36, you will receive the highest payout of 500x your stakes. 

White Balls

The white ball is one of the four coloured balls drawn in the game. You can bet on whether a white ball will be selected or not selected during the draw round as a simple bet. It also comes with multiple betting options, but here we will only mention its main part.

Betting on a “Five White Balls will be dropped” will reward you with 1000x which is the highest payout you get here. You can also bet on the count of the white ball or the number of white balls picked in the draw among many odds. 

Green Balls

In this type of bet, you can bet on the green balls’ sum, the number of green balls likely to be dropped and whether the green balls will be more or less than the particular number.

Winning on “Five Green Balls will be dropped” bet will reward you with 1000x payout-highest payout for the Green balls bet. 

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Red and Blue Balls

You won’t find any difference in the betting options of Red and Blue Balls. They are almost similar to options we discussed for White and Green balls. The highest payout is 1000x identical to the all other balls highest payouts. 

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