Beginners Guide: How to play Roulette

Did the spinning wheel, array of numbers and plethora of chips and colors fascinate you, but you were too terrified to give it a shot? Here we have put a brief guideline on how you can overcome that fear and grapple the game with the utmost ease.

Roulette has always captivated casino goers ever since it came into existence.
This game seems to be a beginners intimidation with the spinning wheel ,colours and numbers.

However, don’t let that discourage you.
It is easy to understand and master the game once you get a hang of the rules

What Is It

Roulette in French translates to little wheel.
It comprises of a spinning wheel, a betting table and a ceramic ball .

The wheel is numbered from 1-36.
The ball is spun by a croupier and a series of wager options is available to each player.

Roulette comes in American, European and French versions.
The betting is the same across the variants except that the American table uses a double zero (00).

The addition of the double zero gave it a transformative edge giving it higher odds.
Today, it is the most sought after game in casinos and in the virtual space like in Lottoland.

The game continues to thrive as it promises massive pay-outs.
You can discover how to play by reading through our simple to read guidelines.

How To Play

Before the round begins, place your wager on the table and allow the ball to spin against the direction of the wheel.

Eventually they lock together and it lands on a number.

If the number matches your wager then, thank your stars for you have won the game.

You have a gamut of options to choose from when playing the roulette. Opt to bet low range(1-18) or high(18-36), odd or even numbers or simply colours like red or black.

Now that some basic things are clear, let’s see how to bet.

Roulette Betting 

Two types of betting exist in roulette gaming namely, inside and outside betting.

Inside bets as the name suggests is betting inside the table. You can choose to bet on one number or a set of numbers. 

Simply place your chip(s)on your preferred numbers and then watch with bated breath to see if the ceramic balls glide into your lucky number.

 The pay-out for inside bets is much higher thanks to the slim pickings it offers.

Outside bets true to the name involves betting outside the table. Choose to bet over a range of options like colours like black and red, odd or even.

This allows you to concentrate on multiple options and hence the pay-out will be disbursed.

It is up to you to weigh your odds and pick the right betting strategy.

Have you tried playing roulette online at Lottoland? Lottoland happens to be one of the world leaders in online lottery sales and it is now in India, offering a wide range of international lotteries to choose from. Experts indicate that a lot of people try playing 29 on roulette. While the odds of using 29 are the same as any other number on roulette, people prefer it for various reasons. 
Number 29 happens to be a black number on roulette sitting between red 7 and red 18 as far as a European wheel is concerned. Various facts are associated with number 29 like it is the atomic number of copper and also some of the languages contain 29 alphabets, including Spanish, Danish and Turkish.  

For some people, it just happens to be a lucky number and hence they choose to play it on roulette. In the end, what matters the most is your understanding of roulette and a certain amount of math.


Don’t let yourself get bogged down by the list of things to master and remember while learning to play.

Bet wisely and if you are uncertain, watch a few games and read thoroughly before making an informed choice.

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