Mutual Fund Software for IFA

Is Mutual Fund Software for IFA Generates Reliable Portfolio Reports?

REDVision Technologies provides the best platform for the advisors to effectively manage the funds of the clients without any interruption. The advisors using the platform are performing best in the industry.

Forming reports for the portfolio of clients is a complex task for the advisors as it involves valuation and identification of fair progress of funds. Advisors without a proper assistance find it difficult to ascertain the status of client’s funds. With the help of Mutual Fund Software for IFA the advisors can easy assess the status of the funds invested by the clients.

REDVision Technologies provides the best platform for the advisors to effectively manage the funds of the clients without any interruption. The advisors using the platform are performing best in the industry.


  • True and fair status of investment.
  • Generate reports at one click.
  • No errors in the formed reports.
  • Forms reliability with the clients.
  • Helps in assessing future output.

Issues in absence of reports

  • No accurate status of client’s funds.
  • Incomplete information of investment.
  • No proper valuation of funds.
  • Multiple errors in reports.

The advisors need to have the assistance of the platform that eases the work and reduces the burden. With the assistance of right technology the advisors can easily deliver services to each client and can maintain effective relations for the long term. The advisors working with the help of platform are achieving best results.   

The effective relationship between advisors and the investors is maintained through the CRM features which makes the business operation smooth. Through the facility the advisors can easily deal with any number of investors without any issue. The platform also improves the productivity of the entire firm and increases the revenue within less time. The advisors adapting such facility in the firm are much ahead in the industry.

Formulation of strategy decides the returns that will be generated on the portfolio of the investors but a plan not backed with strong research can lead to unfavorable output and also might turn the invested funds into loss. The simple reason is because of not having a technology that can prepare accurate strategy in behalf of advisors.

Problems in Absence

  • Poor investment strategy leads to heavy loss.
  • No tracking and monitoring of funds.
  • Estimating future value of funds is typical.
  • No calculation of financial ratios.

The advisors need to adapt technology that grows and advance business and it even improves relation of advisors and investors and enhances satisfaction between the parties. It even solves every issue of the advisors that occurs in the business and improves operational ability of the advisors. Without technical assistance the advisors finds it complex to deal with the issues of the business and solving the future problems.

Privileges to distributors

  • Simpler actions and process for performing transactions and dealings.
  • Continuous flow of funds.
  • Quick management of entire wealth held by investors.
  • Convenient management of bulk clients.
  • Services are easy to deliver through single click.

The method of trading and investment is way too easier after the arrival of technological platform which enhanced the standard of investment. Therefore it can be easily understood that having existence of the software has brought significant changes in the firm and pattern of dealing in the market. Even maximum interruptions has been reduced which is strengthening the relations between the parties.

Problems in absence of tool

  • Less number of portfolios.
  • Ineffective management of portfolios.
  • No tool to manage customer’s data.
  • No platform to gain new investors
  • High chances of facing loss.

The tool based dealing has brought important changes in the Indian economy which had also attracted several opportunities for fresh advisors and investors. Even the business of advisor attained potential to gain success within a short span through management of several clients at a single time. The software is useful for advisors as it coordinates with all sections of a business to generate favorable results.

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