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Is NextGen EMR Right For You? Features and Reviews 2021

Frustrated with your current medical software? Consider investing in NextGen EMR! To determine if it’s a perfect fit, read our analysis of its features and client reviews.

NextGen EMR- A Knight in Shining Armour 

Is your current medical system slowing you down, glitching frequently, and costing an arm and a leg for its features? If so, then we have just the solution for you. NextGen EMR is our preferred medical system that will not fail you. To determine if it’s the perfect fit for you, we provide a detailed review of its features, strengths, and weaknesses. 


Company Introduction of NextGen EMR 

For 46 years, NextGen EMR has been improving the lives of doctors and their patients by offering advanced IT solutions. This powerful system is designed for practices of all sizes and doctors of multiple specialties. The complete suite of solutions comprises of clinical care, financial management, patient engagement, population health, and connected health. With a clientele of 155,000 providers and 1 million connected caregivers, NextGen Healthcare is a top industry player. 


Top Features of NextGen EMR 

  1. Cloud-based solutions: 

NextGen EMR wants to simplify the lives of its users, which is why it offers cloud-based operations. The EMR system can be accessed from any location and time imaginable - all that is required is an internet connection. Additionally, the competent software can be operated from any device that connects to the internet. Hence, lowering the need to invest in expensive hardware. 


NextGen Healthcare is ONC-certified and HIPAA-compliant so that users can benefit from certified services and lower risk of security breaches. 


  1. Faster note-taking: 

Documenting notes and charting patient profiles are time-consuming activities. NextGen Healthcare found a solution for this by enabling users to take notes through its talk, type, or touch features. The voice recognition tool converts words spoken into text that appears on the screen. This makes recording patient encounters easier while simultaneously providing medical guidance. 


Specialty-specific templates ensure that doctors are able to streamline their unique workflows. The modern yet functional interface allows for faster note-taking. Since the EMR software can be operated on tablets and mobile devices, doctors can update information even outside the practice premises. 


  1. Enhanced Communication 

Efficient communication is vital for completing tasks successfully. NextGen EMR provides its clients with multiple methods to communicate not only with its team members but also with patients. Text and email reminders can be sent to patients before appointments to reduce occurrences of no-shows and latecomers. 


In addition to this, the direct messaging tool can be used to send secure messages to anyone from one’s team members to patients. The e-faxing feature allows for information to be shared effortlessly between multiple entities. 


  1. Heightened patient engagement: 

Providing quality care to patients is the core responsibility of practices of all sizes and specialties. NextGen Healthcare offers a number of tools that enhance patient engagement and convenience. The patient portal enables patients to schedule appointments online from the comfort of their homes. They can, additionally, view lab test results, request prescription refills, sign consent forms, and directly message doctors. 


Patients can benefit from virtual visits if they are unable to attend physical appointments. This feature is useful for patients who travel frequently, need frequent care, or are apprehensive about leaving their homes because of Covid-19. Accompanied by the patient portal, a completely virtual experience can be provided. 


  1. Advanced analytical tools 

Medical practices of today need to do much more than providing quality care to survive. NextGen’s population health and analytics solutions offer its users meaningful and actionable information that can be used to improve financial and clinical performance. The intuitive software allows users to compare their performance with their competitors to identify areas that need improvement. 


All processed claims can be analyzed to see how the probability of accepted claims can be increased. The financial health of a facility is also displayed to see at a glance the profitable areas in comparison to those that are costly. 


Strengths and Weaknesses of NextGen EMR 


  • Powerful scheduler tool simplifies adding and canceling appointments when required. 
  • The user-friendly interface requires little time to get hands-on with the system. 
  • System upgrades ensure that industry trends are being followed.



  • Frequent system crashes that cost time and makes patients frustrated. 
  • Information needs to be navigated through multiple tabs. 
  • Delayed responses are often received on issues from the customer support team.


Is NextGen EMR the Right Fit for Me? 

NextGen EMR is a powerful medical software that offers solutions to practices of all sizes and specialties. While the system provides a user-friendly interface and scheduler tool, it lacks in customer service and smooth processing. All in all, we believe that NextGen Healthcare is a worthy EMR software that, once incorporated, can bring countless benefits for its clients. 


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