Truvision Reviews

Truvision Reviews


TruVision is a brand of health supplements and programs that promise to help their customers achieve a healthier life through the frequent use of the products they manufacture. In addition to being a brand that manufactures and sells a range of supplements, this company also produces a variety of essential oils. An income opportunity is also available from the TruVision brand that gives its customers the ability to promote their products and earn an income in return.

The idea behind this brand is to give the world an opportunity to become healthier, to enjoy the beneficial compounds that Mother Nature has provided us with, and, at the same time, gain access to an income opportunity to will promote improvements in wealth as well.


The company is based in Draper, Utah that sells a variety of weight loss supplements, health supplements, essential oils, and skincare products. It was established by Derek Bailey, Shawn Gibson, and David Brown. All of the co-founders have previous experience in the nutrition world, as well as network marketing.

This brand is still relatively new to the market, as it was only launched in 2014.


This brand sells quite a large variety of different products and programs. While the majority of people tend to associate the TruVision health brand with weight loss, they sell more than just programs and supplements meant to help the user lose excess weight. A relatively large number of supplements manufactured by this brand tend to focus on weight loss, but they also have a range of other product that contributes to other areas of the user’s general well-being.

The company mainly divides its range of products on offer into three different categories, including:

  1. Core Products: This includes the supplements that the brand has developed to help the user lose weight and achieve their peak performance level during physical activity, as well as to help them experience higher energy levels during the day.
  2. Complementary: This range includes a large number of products that can be used for different purposes, such as sleep aids, omega-3 supplements, and more.
  3. By Nature: A series of essential oils that the company has produced. They have introduced a variety of essential oils in this range already, such as Oregano oil, Frankincense oil, Eucalyptus Oil, and Peppermint Blend.

In addition to the various supplements that the supplement sells, they also have a number of programs that have been developed to help motivate customers to live a healthier life and lose weight. These programs include The 10k Pledge, The TruAscent, Club90, Focus, TruTransformation, and TruSummit. TruVision products include TruFix, TruControl, TruKeto, TruSlumber, TruSpritz, TruSoothe, Heart & Hydration, replace, reNU, reactivate, Vitamix, simply clean, MEND, and by nature Essential Oils.


Some of the ingredients in TruVision products include:

Green tea extract, Dendrobium, Bitter orange, Caffeine, Vitamins, Minerals, Alpha-lipoic Acid, Chlorogenic Acid, Chromium, Cinnulin, Copper, Magnesium, Raspberry Ketones, Selenium, Vanadium and Zinc.


While no clinical research demonstrates TruFIX and TruCONTROL can produce the result the company claims, the truvision reviews and reports on how well TruVision works are mixed at about 50/50.

However, there has been some clinical research to suggest that some of the individual ingredients in TruVision products may help people lose weight. Kinetiq is supported by over a dozen clinical trials that show the ingredient can safely enhance alertness and increase energy as well as increasing the thermogenesis, or calorie-burning, process. More recent studies have shown Kinetiq enhances overall training performance. Evodiamine, an extract from the Tetradium genus of nine trees species, has been shown to reduce fat uptake animal trials.


While the benefits of taking TruVison are claimed, by the company, including boosting metabolism, reduce appetite and increase energy all while losing weight, there is no scientific evidence to support these claims on the whole.

Antidotal reports from users are split, with roughly half feeling they have received a benefit from taking TruVision products and the other half reporting they received no positive, or even negative, results. For those that reported positive results, the result was said to be limited to appetite suppression and a perceived increase in energy. For those who did not receive positive results, most said they noticed no difference in their overall appetite or energy levels with some people experiencing adverse side effects.


While the official brand does not disclose any type of side-effects, it was found that some of the customers who had reviewed products manufactured by TruVision, had experienced side-effects.

  1. In particular, nausea was found to be a rather common supplement among individuals who have used the detox and weight loss supplements.
  2. Some users also reported vomiting, although this was rarer than nausea alone.
  3. Gastrointestinal upset, accompanied by stomach pains and either diarrhea or constipation was also noted among some customer reviews.


There are no product warnings on the TruVison website nor its packaging. However, there are always product warnings for all supplements and medications, no matter what a company claims. For instance, no one under 18 should take any supplement without a doctor’s advice and if one is pregnant or nursing, supplements from TruVision may not be safe.


To date, there are no independent clinical studies that prove if TruVision’s formulas are a safe and effective weight-loss supplement. However, many of the individual ingredients in TruFIX and TruControl are tested to be safe.


TruVision is considered to be a three-in-one company that provides a range of weight loss and health products, together with fitness programs and an income opportunity. What sets this company aside, however, is the fact that they do not require customers to sign up for their business opportunity in order to utilize their products.

Although there can be alternatives with natural ingredients with same or better results, Truvision can be a good option to provide a combination of healthier life with an opportunity for income.

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