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Are you facing the problem with not working. Don't worry! try to this troubleshoot guide and get the solution. And if you need any other help then call at this Toll Free number: 866-317-4606

Annoyed by the error: not working?

Already tried reset/ reboot of Netgear router and other connected devices? Even checked and replaced the damaged Ethernet cables?

If not, try this basic troubleshooting- FIRST!!

However, if you have exhausted these steps beforehand, then read and implement the advanced solutions explained ahead:

Note: The answer to resolve Netgear router login errors are explained under the causes (for your better understanding). not Working: Let's Get that Fixed
Diagnose each factor and implement the concerning solution one-by-one unless your issue gets fixed.

Wi-Fi or Router Trouble
One of the major reasons for webpage not displaying is relating to network.

So, let's get started and fix it!!

  • Ensure and enable the Wi-Fi service using Wi-Fi switch or keys: Fn+F5
  • Next, check for Network settings, by tapping on Internet icon.
  • Under adapter settings, right click on your active network and check if you see disable option or not. Simply put, select 'Enable' option from the list but in case, there's a disable option- the network is already enabled.
  • If your web window is still not opening then, open command prompt and type services.msc
  • Select WLAN AutoConfig from the list and open its Properties
  • From the 'Startup Type' drop down box, select 'Automatic' option. This way, your WIfi network will show up in the list.
  • Other than this, it's vital to check- your wifi network drivers are updated. Once it's done, don't forget to restart both modem and router
  • You might find 'SSID broadcast' as the bad choice but for the wireless network detection- however, you must enable it for network to show up.
  • Turn off and unplug all the devices. Then, again connect them to Wi-Fi and see if they show up. If it resolves your issue then, it's wise to keep both router and modem at some other place (altogether).
  • Note: This is essential because the devices like, oven, cordless phone, and Bluetooth speakers, trigger Netgear router login not working problem.

Important: Partial or irrelevant Netgear router configuration may also stop you from accessing routerlogin-net page next time. So, learn to setup router using routerlogin-net.

Corrupt Updates
For partial or infected update of Network drivers- delete them.

To do so, open Control Panel-> Windows Update-> Installed updates.

Then, explore and select the recently installed network updates and tap on Uninstall button at list top.

Incorrect IP Address Configuration
The first two values of IPv4 and default gateway address must be same, else your router will not connect to the network. For instance, if default gateway of your router is a.b.c.d then the IPv4 address should also start with "a.b" value.

To verify these addresses, type 'ipconfig' in cmd window and check the values, from the result derived.

Overflowing Browser cache
When system cache gets overflowed, the sites stop responding to the request.

Thus, to fix this issue, clear browsing history, cache, and cookies stored in browser.

Hope these advanced solutions; help troubleshoot your not working error.

In case, you're looking for more detailed or further assistance; contact Wi-Fi Routerlogn experts @ 1-866-317-4606

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