how to clean a diamond ring

Know the Easy and Secure Procedure to Clean a Diamond Ring

Yes! Your diamond ring may indeed be the most expensive jewelry you own. But apart from the cost, your ring has great sentimental value, and that's why it requires enormous care. With good care, the diamond ring can remain sparkling for long.

Many times, you won't avoid using cooking oil, soaps, shampoos, and even body lotions. All these substances make your diamond ring dirty which affects its appearance. That means you will have to clean your jewelry regularly.

While you may seek jewelry cleaning services from a professional cleaner, It’s important to learn how to clean a diamond ring. That way, you can save cost you could have spent on minor jewelry care services.

Every diamond ring is unique! Some have many different stones, metals, and varied settings. Whichever you own, you will have to learn how to clean a diamond ring with care to avoid loosening or scratching the metal.


How to clean a diamond ring


Use of water and soap


If you have opted to clean your diamond ring at home, no other best way than using plain soap and water. It doesn't matter the type of metal or setting of your diamond ring! Just water and soap can remove all the dirt and leave your jewelry sparkling.

Wondering how to clean a diamond ring with water and soap? Take a bowl and Begin by making a solution of warm water and the basic dishwashing soap. Once you have the solution, soak the ring for about 20-40 minutes. But the time may depend on how dirty your ring may be.

Do you seek to remove perfume, makeup, lotion, and hairspray substances from your ring? You can use a very soft toothbrush to eliminate all the residue. Make sure to rinse your ring under warm and running water. Where necessary, you can repeat.

 Even experts with a wealth of experience on how to clean a diamond ring can damage the jewelry. So, a lot of care is needed during jewelry cleaning. You should do thorough rinsing of your diamond ring after cleaning to remove any soap residue since the chlorine in some soaps and other harsh chemicals can damage the jewelry.


Applying chemical-free and non-abrasive solution to clean a diamond ring


Have you gone to the internet and learned how to clean a diamond ring at home? If you are ready to do the cleaning, buy a polisher of the jewelry cleaner, and it will help your ring to sparkle brightly. But you need to do a lot of research to be sure of the solution you seek to buy.

 Many advertisements about jewelry cleaning are all over social media, and you may end up buying a solution with chemicals. Cleaning your diamond ring with chemicals will discolor it or make it lose durability. 

Go for sparkle bright in case you have decided to clean your diamond ring at home. It has been proven to polish and restore rings made of any metal. If you are not sure of the solution to use for jewelry cleaning, ensure to seek jewelry cleaning services from a professional!


How to clean a diamond ring made of gold and silver


Do you own a piece of diamond jewelry made of gold and silver? Use a solution of Windex and hydrogen peroxide to make your ring clean. Take a bowl and make a solution of hydrogen peroxide and Windex. The solution should be a blend of 50/50 of the two substances. Once your solution is ready, soak the diamond ring for 10- 15 minutes.

Windex will eliminate all the day-to-day accumulated dirty. On the other hand, the hydrogen peroxide solution will kill all the bacteria that might have surrounded the surface of your diamond ring. 

While soaking your ring the solution, you may gently scrub it using a soft toothbrush. That helps to remove all the residue. Ensure to rinse the ring with lukewarm water when done and dry it.


Use of vinegar to clean diamond ring made of silver


Some diamond rings have silver parts. All you need is vinegar to give such a diamond ring a lease in life. Get a bowl and make a solution of 2 tablespoons of baking soda and a half cup of white vinegar. Stir the solution until the baking soda is dissolved completely. When done, soak your diamond ring into the mixture for about 2-3 hours.

 After that, ensure to rinse your jewelry under cold water. Finishing the cleaning process by drying your ring thoroughly with a soft cloth. That way, you will have a sparking ring that looks spotless.


How to clean a diamond ring made of solid gold


Is your ring losing luster? That could be the case when the ring is made of gold. You can use beer to brighten it again. Use a soft piece of cloth and pour beer on it. Then rub gently over your ring. However, do not use dark beer. When done, use a towel to dry your jewel.



You need to take good care of your ring. One of the best ways to keep your diamond ring is a thorough cleaning. You may seek jewelry cleaning services from an expert or learn how to clean a diamond ring by yourself at home. When cleaning your ring at home, be careful not to use a chemical that can damage your valuable ring.

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