Wedding Rings

Popular Metals Used in Wedding Rings

Here I have discussed popular metals that are used in wedding rings.

The beauty of the jewelry is defined by many factors and the metal used to carve the piece is one among them. For ages, various precious and semi-precious metals have been used for crafting stunning wedding rings for women. Here we are sharing few popular metals for crafting masterpiece jewelry.

Platinum: One of the most popular metals, platinum is the preferred metal for crafting engagement ring and commitment bands. This white metal never loses its sheen and brilliance. It goes well with diamond, making it the ultimate symbol of love, endurance and commitment. Platinum is an ideal choice for women’s wedding ring.

Gold:  This precious metal comes in different shades. Earlier yellow gold was a popular choice, but now people are opting for rose gold and white gold as well.  It is free from rust and corrosion. Pure gold is highly ductile this is the reason metal alloys are mixed to make gold stronger and jewelry long-lasting. Keep the love of your life young and shining just like gold and what else could be better metal for declaring your love than the gold. The demand for gold engagement rings and bracelets are always high. It is perfect for light-weight as well as heavy jewelry pieces.

Silver: The splendid sheen of sterling silver is hard to resist. At Andrews Jewelers, buyers can find the finest collection of sterling jewelry. And when craftsmen create a masterpiece with pure silver the outcome is pure bliss. This valentine let the spark of silver ignite the spark of love between the two. Choose a silver neckpiece, ring, or bracelet and express love. Sterling silver jewelry offers a complete range of jewelry for both men and women. Many jewelers in Buffalo excel in crafting women’s custom jewelry.

Tungsten carbide: For those who wish to choose a different metal offering lifetime of durability could choose tungsten carbide. It is 80% tungsten and 20% carbon alloyed with other metals. Tungsten carbide rings are trending for their sleek designs.

Cobalt: Cobalt, another durable alloy, cobalt is four times harder than platinum but less dense. Cobalt is the preferred metal for those who are hypoallergenic or who have a highly active lifestyle. Cobalt can prove an ideal choice for dynamic design with less weight.

Tantalum: You can say it is the latest addition to the contemporary metal collection. It is scratch-resistant and hypoallergenic. It is a blue-grey metal, coated with ceramic glaze. This metal has a touch of matte black finish. Get a commitment band made of tantalum and express your solidarity and commitment to the relationship.

Most people are aware of popular metals like silver, gold, and platinum but now you know you can explore other metals as well. You can get highly elegant, chic, and classic designs carved using any of the above-mentioned metals. Find a jewelry store online, explore and compare all the options that you have and choose the best.

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