7 C’s of Communication

Knowing the 7 C’s of Communication

To communicate in the most effective and engaging manner possible, is critical to augmenting productivity at work, not just for yourself but for your team too. All it takes are 7 C’s to follow.

Work. Email. Call. Report. Repeat.  The to-do list under each is rather comprehensive and goes on. In fact, we end up spending virtually our entire day communicating. So, how do we make sure  that every minute of it is productive?

This is where the seven Cs of communication steps. And just for you, it’s complete with a checklist to ensure that any meeting, emails, or MultiCalls you provide are well constructed and clear – so your audience gets your message.




In cases like the present day and age’s WFH scenario, the assumption that people can “read between the lines” in what you’re saying  not only results in miscommunication, but can potentially compromise on the productivity of organizations.  Information and actions required, must be clear so the reader has the information they need to take action.

  • Be clear about your goal or message.
  • Know your purpose in communicating with these people.
  • Make sure it’s easy for anyone to understand what exactly you’re meaning.




By being concise in your communication, we mean that you should  stick to the point and keep it brief. If what you express in two minutes can be done in one, keep it in one.




A concrete message delivered results in a clear picture received by the audience. So:

  • Maintain the informativeness of the message.
  • Keep it broad while retaining a focus.




it’s important to know exactly who to call in and how many people to call in as well. Correct communication means effective conferencing, in that you’ve called in the right people. It also means seeing to the following:

  • Do the technical jargon you used fit your audience’s level of knowledge?
  • In the case of reports and presentations, have you checked for errors?
  • Are all names and titles correctly spelt?




When your communication is coherent, it’s logical. Ensuring that all points are connected and relevant to the main topic, will result in the creation of a tone and flow in text or conversation that is consistent.



In a complete message, the audience has everything they need to be informed and, if applicable, take action.

  • Does your message include a “call to action,” so that your audience clearly knows your expectations?
  • Have you included all required information ? For example:

    • Contact names

    • Dates and times

    • Locations  




Courteous communication is friendly, open, and honest. There are no hidden insults or passive-aggressive tones. Bearing your reader’s viewpoint in mind, you are staying empathetic to your audience’s needs and wants.

But of course, communication doesn’t just come with these skillsets, it comes with the right tools too.  Bearing this in mind, MultiCall is a calling app that allows group collaboration, be it your friends, family, or even your office team.

Here are some more guides to help you adhere to 7 C’s in your communication in various aspects:

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