Learn About the New and Fascinating Eyebrows Technologies in the Industry

If you are fascinated with brows, you know the agony of loading your arches every day with every product imaginable, from pencils to powder. With that said, you have undoubtedly dabbled in or at least heard about microblading, a semi-permanent eyebrow treatment that applies hair-like strokes to your brows to help you scale down the time spent filling them in every morning.


Today there is a newer method that is equivalent to microblading, that is, ombre brows.


What are ombre brows, and what makes it different from microblading?


Advanced Ombre Brows Course in IA is the newest trend in semi-permanent eyebrow makeup. It gives a soft, shaded, filled look to the brows. When cured, it looks more normal than a solid pigment. It gives the eyebrow great definition and depth. If the client is aiming for light soft coloring, or show-stopping bold brows, it can be personalized according to the client's need.


Microblading consists of specific hair-like strokes that resemble the natural hair of the eyebrow as opposed to a pencil-like appearance. The microblading effects are lighter than ombre. The beauty of ombre is that it can be paired with microblading to create a natural look.

In what ways it is a better technology


Ombre technique is flexible, as the technique can be done on its own as well as paired with microblading, whether the customer is aiming for a discreet or bold brow. Ombre is suitable for all skin types and for people of all ages. Combining with microblading, a client can get the desired eyebrow shapes and texture.


The precautions and length of the total procedure


Before scheduling an appointment, the customer should closely read the details on the treatment, both pre-care and post-care, since there are inconsistencies. Unfortunately, not everyone is qualified for semi-permanent makeup. In addition, scheduling is important when you are going through several recovery stages, so if you are hoping to go on a sunny holiday, have pre-booked facial procedures, or have special activities arranged, you will want to book your appointment accordingly.

The consultation normally takes about two to three hours. If it is a combination of microblading and ombre, the appointment can take a little longer.


Who is a good ombre candidate?


Like microblading, a good candidate may not have a serious skin and health problem. As a precaution, the technique should not extend to pregnant or breastfeeding women. Luckily, this technique is fantastic for all skin forms, even oily ones.

What is the aftercare of semi-permanent brows?


The client should stop working out, sweating, any mascara around the brows for at least two weeks to produce the best-healed outcomes. Most notably, it is crucial not to touch the scabs/dry skin. The scabs tend to be removed spontaneously. It is also advised that you stay out of heavy sun exposure and prevent any facial procedures during the recovery process. Following the treatment, the client will be given an aftercare lotion to be used two to three times a day after cleaning the treated area. It is very important to keep your freshly treated brows as smooth as possible.

The recovering aftercare process


Immediately after the procedure, the brows will look darker and bolder. This is the initial healing period, which will last up to a week or somewhat longer. You should anticipate any skin flaking or flaking in bits during the second week. It is important not to touch or peel the scabs and let it come off naturally on its own to avoid scarring and premature pigment loss. The time of scabbing ranges from person to person.


Generally, all scabs will be removed roughly by the end of the second week. Once the scabs have fallen, the brows may look softer and lighter. The full healing period takes about six weeks, at which point the true color and density of the brows is evident. Adjustments should be made during the follow-up touch-up.​


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