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Learn How To Organize Your Craft Store Using Pegboard Accessories

Have you ever wondered how you can make your craft store more organized? Staying organized ensures that you find whatever you want to handle your project in just a moment.

Have you ever wondered how you can make your craft store more organized? Staying organized ensures that you find whatever you want to handle your project in just a moment. Crafting can get messy sometimes especially when you have many projects to handle. You should consider making use of pegboard accessories to stay organized in your craft space. 

Using Pegboard In A Craft Store 

Pegboards are common in garages for organizing tools. Today, anyone can make use of this space-saving tool. The unit has a metal space with holes punched in rows about 6mm from each other. Pegboard is a wonderful alternative to slatwall panels and meshwire shelving. The various holes in pegboard are for attaching accessories to keep your space organized. As long as you get the appropriate accessories, you can place them anywhere on the pegboard to serve your purpose. 

Crafters usually work with various supplies that you have to grab at any moment when one hand is busy. So, having your supplies handy and displayed in full view on pegboard is a lifesaver. Access to whatever supplies you want without posing or calling someone makes work easier and eliminates chances of messing your project. Another thing about pegboard for crafters is eliminating the need to check through various drawers or use too much storage space. 

Pegboard Accessories To Organize Your Craft Store 

The trick to making your store organized is to buy pegboard accessories matching your requirements. Regardless of whether you are tired of having to search various drawers to locate items you need or tired of being messy, there are accessories for you. And, there’s no need to spend time moving from one store to another. You just have to visit a reputable website with retail supplies. Here, you will find a range of pegboard accessories including those highlighted below. 

Pegboard Hooks

Tiny barbs on pegboard hook lock into holes on either side to keep it in place. Adding some hot-melt glue on the hook’s lower leg before slipping it into the hole keeps it in place. When the time comes to place the hook somewhere else on the pegboard, a light tug is enough to untangle it. You can use the hooks to organize crafting supplies including scissors, ribbons, vinyl rolls, cello tape, and other knickknacks. 

Pegboard Baskets

A multi-wire basket for pegboard is a convenient solution to keeping your craft store tidy. You hang it on the board to store supplies and cutoffs. The basket comes with hooks at the bottom to accommodate the weight of various items. When busy handling a project, one hand is enough to retrieve the material you need to get the job done without pausing. 

Pegboard Shelves

A shelf is a must-have pegboard accessory for crafters to hold items up to about 100 pounds. A reputable supplier will have a range of heavy-duty pegboard shelves with a stable arrangement and attractive finish. Opt for shelves with all-steel construction and solid engagement on the pegboard. To get more value for your money, metal shelves with a powder coating resist scratches and rust for years. 

Pegboard Brackets And Attachments

Quality brackets and attachments for pegboard come with an attractive finish backed by stable engagement for hooks. With a powder coating, the brackets are scratch and rust-free for years. Stable and secure brackets have a patented engagement requiring up and down motion to disengage and engage to eliminate worry about the brackets falling out with or without supplies. Some options for pegboard accessories include:

Knife-edge brackets
6-ball waterfall brackets
5-hook waterfall bracket

Pegboard Containers

There’s no need to scatter your crafting supplies haphazardly. A wonderful idea is to invest in pegboard containers for placing on the shelves. The containers are made from plastic or acrylic and come in a range of sizes, colors, and shapes. So, there is a guarantee that there are containers to match your requirements and pegboard trays. 

Pegboard Tip-Out Bins

When looking for a unique storage solution on your pegboard, opt for tip-out bins. You can have those that interlock horizontally or vertically. The bins are ideal when looking forward to saving space while having all your tidbits in the same place on your pegboard. Quality bins are break-resistant with a clear body to make identifying whatever you’re looking for a breeze. 

The exterior body of tip-out bins is in white or gray made from polystyrene made through high-impact injection molding. You will use the bins for many years since they are highly resistant to corrosion and rust. Picking items from these bins is convenient and fast since it tips out at a 45-degree angle.  

Crafting is a wonderful hobby. When busy making nice stuff to sell on Etsy, you’ll appreciate having all your supplies handy. Besides, you need your work environment to be organized when recording your Tiktok or YouTube tutorials. Having pegboard with necessary accessories significantly changes the look of your workspace and saves you a lot of time. 

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