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Life prediction: Get Accurate Marriage Prediction

Marriage comes just once in our life so we have to choose the life partner wisely through life Prediction, which is comparatively good for us.

We humans are the most creative creations of GOD. He created us sent us to earth with permanent destiny, which cannot be changed until you don’t know about them. So, to know about the right path of life, perfect Jeevansaathi, upcoming problems & their solutions, etc., we depend upon free Vedic astrology predictions life

 The right time to get married according to free life prediction

When will you get married? – This question always running in Indian parents’ minds. Most people in our country get married at the age of 21 for males & 18 for females. It is an illusion that only age matters for marriage, but the truth is marriage date should decide according to the most accurate horoscope prediction free. Nowadays there are the most reliable sites available on the internet which provides us free life prediction life and future predictions.

How to know the right time & place to get married by detailed life prediction free

According to Indian Astrology, we can predict the marriage date by consulting an astrologer by life prediction by date of birth and time. The right time to get married according to Indian astrology. When the seventh house of your horoscope Mercury with any planet like Rahu, Ketu & Mars are not visible with Saturn planet, then u can get married at the age of 22. If Mercury planet is sitting on a person’s horoscope then he/she can get married at the age betwwen22 & 25. Apart from that if a person is affected by planets like – Sani & Rahu, then they can get married at the age of 27, not before this.

The more we predict our life we came to know the interesting facts about life, the more we know the more we explore. These things can get executed by detailed life prediction free. Here a question arises to that how far will the wedding from home? We have the solutions such as:

  • If the 7th house of a person’s horoscope i.e., Aquarius and tarsus, Leo and tarsus is sitting in the marriage house then the person will get married within a 90km radius.
  • If Chandra, Guru, and Venus are sitting in the marriage house then the marriage of that girl will happen in between the relatives.
  • Same as if Gemini, Vigo, Sagittarius & places are in marriage house then the person will get married in a radius of 80km to 100km.
  • If Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn are present in the marriage house of a person then the marriage will happen within a radius of 200km.

Vedic rituals of marriage according to by the exact future prediction free

Marriage is the holy ceremony of all the religion, which is conducted in presence of two-family and their friends or relatives. According to the Hindu rituals Basically, it’s a three-step process i.e., Kanyadana, Panigrahana, and Saptapadi.

  • Kanyadana- the father of the bride sits beside her and the priest chants the incantations in front of the fire and at last, the father gives away his daughter.
  • Panigrahana- In this process both bride and groom sit in front of the fire with the priest, and their hand attached. Another side the priest has to chants the Vedic incantations.
  • Saptapadi- In this, both bride and groom rotate around the fire and spell 7 promises to each other for 7 births by holding their hands.

It is the total process of 4-5 hours. The timing of these processes is also predicted by the Astrologer with exact future prediction free.

How to choose your Jeevansaathi with free life prediction by date of birth

Marriage is the holy occasion in which we have to choose our Jeevansaathi too wisely. This occasion comes once in our life, so nowadays we have to predict our life by free life prediction by date of birth. For this, we have followed some basic terms to find a perfect one. The terms are such as like: - 

  • Find someone who can connect with easily
  • Potential partner with the same interest
  • Consider your partner’s intellect
  • It's ok to have standards
  • You should have respect for one another
  • Is Potential being trustworthy
  • Spend time to gather

Apart from that according to the Indian astrology by date of birth, the planetary positions of a person help to predict the perfect partner. Here we have to match the kundali of both bride and groom, see the planet positions on their horoscope, match their thinking, see the 36 habits of them matched or not? If the above all things are matched with each other, then it will be a perfect pair for life. 

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