Lifesmart Smart Quantum Lights

Lifesmart Smart Quantum Lights

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Make your interior attractive with Lifesmart Smart Quantum Lights

We all want a perfect interior at our home. Not just it acts as a soothing charm, but it also signifies standard living. Today, Interior design is among the priority list for a new home. Not just for a new home, it also provides a new look to the old homes. 

Talking of Interior Design, lights play key roles. Whether it be normal ones or a decorative one, they solely make a dull place look beautiful. I was concerned about my home decor and lights at my home until I found Lifesmart Smart Quantum Lights

Quantum Light is primarily like an atmospheric lamp that supports the splicing of multiple shapes and designs. With arbitrary changes of color, it just sets the room with an eye-catching gesture. The way we’ve seen traditional lamps that aren’t creative, here, Quantum Lights, is a perfect match for everything we seek. We can place it on our desktop, on a wall, on tables, even ceiling. 

The lights have a perfect balance of design and color that shapes the mood. It also supports audio discoloration and voice control with intelligent marks that provide the diversified touch and beautiful textures for a balanced living experience at home.

Key Features of Lifesmart Smart Quantum Lights

It has a six-sided unique geometric design which provides supports multiple assembling along with lightning. Not just for lightning, it can be used as a decorative piece as well.

The polygonic surface provides a grouping of individual Quantum Lights that can be formed into amazing designs on any wall. The assembling is easy for anyone to set. A single USB can connect at least 30 pieces of Quantum Lights.

The lights are made of high-quality materials using ABS and PC lampshade, which provides uniform light. The lamp is an energy conservator that uses minimal energy.The majority of lamps emit flashy lights that are harmful to our eyes. Lifesmart Quantum Lights takes care of even scattering of light with flash protection.

With smart control functions, these lights are a perfect suit for everyday living. It has active voice control, intelligent linkage, APP control, mode switching, dynamic gradient, brightness adjustment, and remote sensing. All these smart features in a single lamp are way too awesome to buy. It provides 16 million colors to choose from in three color selection modes (select, dynamic, and custom)

The lamp can be well placed in the house as it is easy to assemble and set. With color change features with music, it provides multiple variants for different moods. To put simple, it has a color for all your mood swings to comfort.

Living Room, bedrooms, dining place, walls, or even study table. Quantum Lights can be used from any place in the house with the mobile application.

General Specifications:

It used Light Emitting Diode(LED) as a light source.

Voltage Requirement: 5V

Length of USB cable: 1m

It is lightweight and can be easily placed at corners, where normal tube lights don’t reach. 

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