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Looking Out Transfer Money Internationally Securely?

Need to know the best way to transfer money internationally? Get detailed information about the safe and secure money transaction ways.

It is the individual question when someone asks you about a simple and secure way to transfer money internationally. In every country, people behave differently when we talk about handling money.

The best technique to send money is depending upon the below points;

  • Payment amount

  • Fees to transfer money

  • Send and receive money types

  • Personal preference for fees, customer support service, speed

  • Exchange rate currency destination

There are different ways to transfer money internationally like,

  • Via bank wire transfer

  •  Via digital apps like Xoom, Transferwise, Cash App, Remitly, etc.

If we talk about charges or fees for the money transfer then it may vary depending upon the unique features and service given. Then how you will choose the best App for international money transfer?

An important factor to be noticed while money transfers;

Money transfer costs will always be depending on the destination and from which money transfer service you take. Some of them deliver with high charges. At the same time, another service provider could be cheaper than this with a different method.

Each service provider has its unique feature to send or receive money. To ease all the features in one app, we are launching soon the best money transfer application name PellePay. 

Features of PellePay

  • Money wallet- A digital blockchain wallet, PellePay provides a simple and easy way to send money.

  • International Money Transfer- Send money internationally hassle-free only with PellePay to send money over 200 million to Africa and Asia.

  • Smart Contract- By use of the PellePay app, you can create a smart contract where you don’t require a lawyer’s agreement.

  • Lending and Borrowing- It is the traditional method where one can lend or borrow money legally with PellePay app.

  • B2B Payments- Now send up to $100 million per with PellePay app on your mobile for business transactions.

  • Bank to bank transactions- PellePay is a safe and secure platform to provide an easy way to create bank-to-bank transfers for business as well as for individual purposes.

  • Reverse or cancel transactions- If you have done a transaction wrongfully then you can reverse or cancel the transaction within 1 hour short window through PellePay only.

Conclusion: We are going to live soon with extraordinary features in the market. Till then you can visit our website:


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