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RSF Packaging enables you to get your favorite candle boxes in wholesale as well as in retail. Our huge range of such boxes distinguishes us from the other packaging experts.

Candle boxes are those that are used to pack the candles to keep it safe from damages and dirt. The candle is made of soft and sensitive wax. It requires a suitable temperature to remain in its candle shape otherwise it would get melt. The candle packing boxes help the candles to get a suitable temperature away from the sunlight. Moreover, the candles also don’t get dirty in an effective packaging.

Being a wholesaler and manufacturer of candles you must require the candle packing and packaging boxes for loads of candles. For this purpose, you can buy the candle boxes in wholesale because in this way you get the boxes in the bulk. You will not require to buy or order the packaging material daily for your candles when it would be available at your store. Moreover, the wholesale prices are comparatively fewer than the retail prices of anything. Therefore, most of the producers use to order their packaging material in wholesale to save their expenses, time, and struggle. The candle boxes have various types that are very common all over the USA. Most of these we are discussing below in details.

There are different categories of the boxes for candles in which some are to pack the candles for shipment, some are to display the candles, and some are to store the candles.

Types of candles boxes

  • Custom Candle boxes
  • Luxury Candle boxes
  • Display Candle boxes
  • Window Candle boxes
  • Cardboard Candle boxes
  • Glass boxes
  • Candle wooden boxes

Candle custom boxes:

The candle custom boxes are the boxes of choice in which the packaging company manufactures the boxes according to your desires and needs. There is no chance of your any dissatisfaction on the design, colour, size, and shape of the box. Because the packaging experts produce the same for which you ask them. In this way, you can get your favourite candle packaging for your beautiful candles to sell in the market.

Candle luxury boxes:

The luxury candle boxes are the most expensive and beautiful boxes ever to pack beautiful candles. These boxes are made of a rich material either it is plastic, cotton, or glass. The boxes are beautifully designed with amazing artwork to make the packaging luxurious. Such boxes are only used for the candles that are used for decoration purpose not for the light. Therefore, the cost of such candles is also very high.

luxury candle boxes - rsf packaging

Candle display boxes:

The candle display boxes only used for the display purpose in the candle shops. These boxes are designed in alike a way the candle inside of them clearly shown to the customers. It means either the box is transparent or any of its sides is open to display the candle. There are so many designs of the display boxes for the candles available on the internet. However, if you want your own design in the display boxes you can ask your packaging company for box customization.

Candle window boxes:

The candle window boxes are very common and popular in the USA and easily available everywhere. There is a type of window in the side of the candle box that enables the customer to see the candle. These boxes are beautifully designed in such a way they look stunning while the candle is pack in them.

Candle cardboard boxes:

This is another very important and very popular type of the boxes that we use to pack the candles. No matter what type of candle we have to pack and what size of the candle is, the cardboard boxes can be customized in the most suitable way. Cardboard is an eco-friendly material due to which most of the candle producers use such boxes to pack their candles. Moreover, these are more affordable as compare to the glass boxes or rich cotton boxes. The lite weight of the cardboard boxes makes them more special from others.

Glass boxes:

The glass boxes for the candles are highly used all over the USA even for the candlelight dinners. Such boxes are transparent and look so beautiful at night when the candle is on within the box. The cap of the glass boxes can be plugged off after that we can on the candlelight using a litre or any sours of burning. These boxes may also be used for candle gift to the bride or to the birthday girl.

Candle wooden boxes:

When we talk about the luxury and rich candle packaging boxes then we can discuss the candle wooden boxes. Because these boxes are very expensive as they give a rich look in the candle packaging. Wood is a natural material that makes it more attractive and special. Because everyone loves the natural beauty of anything.

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