Why Candle Boxes Are Made With Kraft Paper

Candle boxes must be attractive, designed according to the product, and most importantly protective, strong, and sturdy. Kraft paper is the most durable and sustainable packaging.

Candles are not just a utility supply these days but are used for various other reasons as decorations for different occasions and room décor. The candle is a symbol of light, illumination, love, passion, dignity, humility, and many more. This is the very reason that it is seen everywhere and almost on every occasion from weddings, birthdays, parties, and religious to other ceremonies. Candles come in all the different sizes, shapes, designs, and fragrances. From the regular ones to the most expensive, handmade or organic candles with healing properties, all come in candle boxes. 

Candle boxes are of various types but the most effective and most loved boxes are kraft paper boxes. Kraft paper custom candle boxes are personalized according to company’s demand as the choice of material, the strength of the box, shapes and sizes, designs or other customization that makes them perfectly fitting to the product and company’s essence. 

Here are the reasons that make kraft paper custom candle boxes widely popular for candle packaging. 


The first and foremost advantage of kraft paper boxes is that they are fully customizable in terms of shapes, sizes, and designs. Kraft paper is adjustable in terms of strength, shapes like round boxes, hexagonal boxes, tube boxes, square boxes, window cut out candle boxes and many more that can hold any shape of the candle with grace. There is no limitation in getting the designs, colors, prints, patterns, custom logo of the company, and other information in desired fonts or typography. 

Marketing & Advertising

Custom candle boxes give a better representation of the product and the company. Custom designs like logos and color that are the essence of the brand reinforce the brand among the customers. These boxes speak for the brand wherever they go or are placed. 


Kraft paper packaging is the most durable packaging for every kind of product especially delicate items like candles. Candles are made of wax and need boxes that are strong and sturdy. Kraft paper candle boxes can be adjusted in terms of thickness according to the type of product.


Everyone needs to be responsible for the actions that have an impact on the environment as non-ecofriendly packaging has caused a lot of damage to the environment. Kraft paper is highly preferable for product packaging as it is eco-friendly. It does not leave carbon footprint behind. Kraft candle boxes are bio-degradable and recyclable. 

Superior Quality

Quality of the packaging affects the quality of the product as it is the only and first thing that a customer sees about the product. Kraft paper custom candle boxes can be enhanced in quality with techniques like lamination. Lamination in glossy or matte gives a more smooth, fine, and polish outlook to the boxes. It also increases the strength of the boxes by making them water and moisture resistant.  


Custom candle boxes made of kraft paper are not only attractive but protect because of the custom shape that secures the product because of the perfect sizes and durable structure of the boxes. Die-cut boxes give the most durable packaging because of the structure of the boxes. 


Candle boxes wholesale offer fully customized boxes as high in quality as any other packaging material in cheapest rates. Candle boxes wholesale are affordable and give the desired packaging in affordable rates that are in everyone’s reach. Kraft boxes are made up of recycled paper that makes them inexpensive than other packaging material that is available in the market.

To stand out among other brands get your candle boxes wholesale that will not strip you of your fortune. Candle boxes wholesale is the biggest win for the companies as they can get high-end packaging most affordably. To make your brand one the most successful, go for customized candle boxes wholesale as it will not cost you much and yet give your packaging an extra oomph

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