Cats Are Less Stressed When They Have Access to Cardboard Boxes

Cats are less stressed when they are in custom boxes made up of cardboard as they help maintain body temperature, making them adaptable to a new environment, and provide wonderful scratching posts.

Cats are one of the most loved and cherished domestic pets and are found in almost all houses. They are in several different breeds and classes. They are considered as extremely cute, lovely and dear animals, and are also safe to be kept at homes. Their owners tend to develop a special feeling for them. It has been observed over the past few years that cats feel more secure and comfortable when they are playing or hiding inside such containers which are made up of cardboard material.

Most of the retail items these days are preferred to be packed inside custom boxes to impress and satisfy the customers. These custom printed boxes are specifically designed according to the demands of the customers, usually with their names written on them. They are excessively used and are, therefore, readily available in homes, offices, or any other place. They are utilized in the preparation of indoor cat houses. They help the cats to fulfill their natural habits of scratching, hiding, and playing inside substantial containers.

Maintaining Body Temperature

Cats are warm-blooded animals, so they have a natural tendency to maintain their body temperature. The ideal temperature for the safekeeping of the cat is considered as 34 to 36 degrees Celsius. Any temperature lower than this range might cause a disturbance in the health of this pet. As the average room temperature is 25 degrees Celsius, so the cats are not entirely comfortable there. Here, the cardboard boxes play their role. They are naturally strong and thick due to multiple natural layers.

They are often provided with the delivery of numerous products in the form of custom cardboard boxes. The gifts presented on birthday parties, marriage anniversaries, annual functions, etc. are also wrapped inside personalized favor boxes. It does not matter which type of cardboard container is under consideration, they are all sturdy and durable and do not allow the external change in temperature to affect the internal atmosphere. When cats are inside them, they feel the warmth and thus are less stressed than they would be outside them.

Quick Healing

Cats have naturally higher cortisol levels than most of the other animals. This makes them vulnerable to different types of ailments and infections. It has been observed that when they spend more time inside the custom boxes by The Custom Boxes made up of cardboard material, they get healed within a short period. These custom carton boxes are instrumental in the quick healing of the pets.

The cats feel a sense of security and safety when they are inside these containers. According to various researchers, this quick healing process is due to the relaxation of the nervous system of the animal. It causes a significant decline in the cortisol level, and thus, the ailment or infection is cured. If this infection is not controlled, then other pets or sometimes the owner himself might get the contamination. These containers are extensively used in custom retail packaging and are easily accessible by the cat owners.

Shy Animals

Cats are not antisocial but are considered as shy animals. They do not like to be touched or even stared for a long period. That is why they tend to hide in presentation boxes. These encasements are basically used for the beautiful display of various products. But, cats follow the principle If it first, I sit. They are soft animals and can easily adjust in any sort of container, even if it is smaller than their size. They hide inside shoes, drawers, customized party favor boxes, etc. They are also found inside toy packaging.

These covers made up of cardboard are not easily broken or wrecked because of their strength. If they are exposed to an extremely social environment, they might be frightened. This fear soon transforms into frustration, and thus, they might attack their owner or children surrounding them. Therefore, this cute and shy animal tends to find places to hide from the viewers. They can be found in any suitable container like shirt boxes. This type of encasement has a proper opening which facilitates the cat to enter them with great ease.

Adaptability to the Environment

Shifting from one home to another is a hectic, tiresome, and exhausting process. Even it is difficult for humans to adjust to new surroundings quickly. But, it is even more hard for pets, especially for cats to adapt to the new environment. A wave of the sense of insecurity runs through them which questions their loyalty to the owner. This issue is resolved efficiently with the help of cardboard containers.

They are mostly manufactured in the same size and color for the pet to create similarity in the environment to make them more adaptable and adjustable. Custom Kraft box can be used for this purpose as they are ecofriendly and can preserve the cats from the harms of the external environment. Such encasements are extensively used and are provided as custom printed boxes wholesale by various distributors and suppliers. This quality of adaptability relived the pets from stress and tension.

Scratching Habits

The nails of the cats are sharp, and there is a genetic tendency among them to scratch various things. This habit is considered as an anxiety-relieving process for the pet. This routine might damage the precious items like furniture, books, electronic devices, etc. Therefore, cardboard check posts are prepared for them, which allows them to get free from the stress with great ease. These posts can be manufactured from various types of containers already available at home. The cosmetic box printing is into the arisen form. This printing is scratched with the help of sharp nails and help the cats to get relaxed.

Similarly, display boxes which are used to amplify the beauty of various products are durable in nature and can be used to form scratch posts. These pets usually hide in a folding box and scratch the containers from the inner side. The same purpose can also be achieved with the help of countertop product display. These encasements are composed of several shelves. The animal climbs them and scratches them to calm themselves.
Play Area

The bow tie is the latest dressing trend these days. They are packed inside special containers made up of cardboard. These containers are available in the form of bow tie boxes wholesale. When the items inside them are utilized, they can be used as a play area for small-sized cats.


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