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M-commerce Advantages & Disadvantages

The new trends are emerging day by day which are almost loved by the customers. Mobile commerce is the next promising big thing. The fact behind this is the rise of smartphones and how they are dominating desktop screens.

The user does not have to sit for hours in front of the big screen to perform different kinds of online transactions. You can easily pay the bills, purchase and sell the various products and services, and email someone the important messages with attachments, watch your favorite movies by booking the tickets, and many more things.

You can easily buy and sell the products through your mobile devices just with a few clicks. Let's start this article as we have described Mcommerce and its advantages and disadvantages in a very good manner.


What is M-commerce?

The term M-commerce was introduced by Kevin Duffey in the year 1977 at the global forum launch. It is a subset of eCommerce and is defined as a great way to do online business via the internet.

As time is passing the M-Commerce trends are increasing. With the help of mobile devices, consumers can perform a variety of activities. Such as taking the pictures and posting them on social platforms, sharing their pictures with friends, making a comparison between the products and their prices on different websites, and whatever the products they are choosing to purchase by reading their reviews. 

Using household wireless devices which include smartphones as well as tablets to buy and sell the various products and services. To do online shopping m-commerce offers its users versatile options to purchase their favorite products.

Some of the best examples of m-commerce include mobile banking, in-app purchasing, amazon mobile apps, and others include digital wallets such as Android pay, Samsung pay, Apple pay, etc.


Types of  M-commerce Applications 

M-commerce has the following types we have defined here.


Mobile Shopping

Most of the dedicated apps such as Facebook and Instagram they are linked to online stores are included in this category. The implementation of this strategy is completely like an eCommerce platform. When the user needs to purchase any of the products then he or she can use the smartphone.


Mobile Banking 

It can be also said as online banking but sometimes the user faces a bit of complication as the transactions are done by the mobile devices are limited.


Mobile payments

All the payments can be easily done with the mobile payment mode. That is very much different from the mobile wallet.


Advantages & Disadvantages of the Mcommerce


Here we have mentioned the advantages and disadvantages of mobile commerce.


Advantages of M-commerce


  • Customer retention is the best thing that m-commerce can provide by making it easily accessible to its users.
  • There is no need for a bigger desktop screen. With the help of mobile devices, the user can easily compare the prices, read the reviews,  and can also do shopping.
  • We can see a wider variety of goods and services on the m-commerce platform.


Disadvantages of M-commerce 


  • The major issue that comes with this is that the mobile application at many of the locations doesn’t work due to the geographical area or internet connectivity.
  • The Shipping origin varies from place to place, sometimes at the time of order any of the product, it is not shipped to the desired destination of the user due to laws and regulations of the nations.


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