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Make Your Own Custom Skincare Products Using Alpine Botanicals

Oh, hey there again friends!! What did we learn from part one of this series? Besides the fact that the cleanest and purest form of skincare is customized beauty products made with the help of Alpine Botanicals?

Oh, hey there again friends!! What did we learn from part one of this series?  Besides the fact that the cleanest and purest form of skincare is customized beauty products made with the help of Alpine Botanicals? Anyone know?  Yes, we got some lessons in botany, history, and classical movies.  However, I really wanted to stress the power of the plants in skincare, as being the ultimate resource for your skin’s overall health and the importance of clean, non-toxic ingredients in your daily skincare routine.  

Ready to move on ladies?  Here is part two of my series on how to Make Your Own Custom Skincare Products Using Alpine Botanicals

PS., by the end of this, you should know what my favorite color is!!!!


Common Comfrey, What is it?

This perennial is inherent to Europe and some parts of Asia.  Traditionally, Comfrey has been used to help heal broken bones and repair joint and tendon damage. Common Comfrey has gained popularity in the skincare world today due to its natural allantoin. This is an unrefined combination that is known to moisturize and soften skin.  

Comfrey's Benefits to the Skin

The real claim to fame for Comfrey is its Allantoin properties. Scientists have discovered that Comfrey's Allantoin has calming, tightening, and strengthening properties.  Now that is what I call one miracle from nature! Also, Comfrey’s Allantoin can help diminish the look of wrinkles and fine lines and is useful for anyone who suffers from oily skin. Where are my ladies that suffer from oily skin like myself? Can I get a show of hands, please?  

Got Sensitive Skin? 

Then Comfrey is an Alpine botanical that you want to try. Comfrey makes for a tremendous mild cleansing property that is a great quick fix for removing makeup, dirt, oils, and not to mention skin impurities without causing #skinirritation

The Benefits of Common Comfrey:

  • Softens Skin
  • Fights Inflammation: This is great for acne. It can help stop annoying #irritation and can reduce your #acne
  • Antioxidant: Rosmarinic acid found in Common Comfrey is an antioxidant; what does this mean for your skin, you ask? Well, it protects your skin damage from harmful UV rays.
  • Protection Against Environmental Harm

How to Use Common Comfrey in Your Skincare Routine

Wow! These are some extraordinary #skinbenefits. Don’t you agree? The Comfrey elements can undoubtedly help your skin, especially when you add in other natural acne-fighting ingredients such as Tea Tree oil.

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Borage Seed Oil

Any of you Ladies suffer from the following:

  • dermatitis
  • psoriasis
  • rosacea
  • eczema
  • acne
  • inflammation

Then look to Borage seed oil to be your saving grace. Get ready to fall in love with the soothing properties that Borage seed oil can have on your skin. It is light in texture and will not leave your skin feeling greasy or oily.

If you are going to the extreme using numerous all-natural ingredients or your feel like your skin needs some extra TLC, look to Borage seed oil as your skin’s solution.

Benefits of Borage Seed Oil in Skincare 

The essential asset of the Borage seed oil is its exorbitant concentration of a kind of vital fatty acid called (GLA or gamma-linolenic)

The GLA’s found in Borage seed oil make it a skin defender at calming your #dryskin while improving your skin’s natural moisture barrier, which will leave it supple, firm, and glowing.

Does Borage Seed Oil work on all Skin Types?

You betcha. Anyone that suffers from dry skin, like me, can benefit the best from the usage of Borage seed oil. The oil will sustain your skin in the areas it is lacking.

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Alpine Willowherb

Alright ladies, here is one more ingredient to learn about.  Alpine Willowherb or Swiss Epilobium is a delightful perennial found in (can you guess where?); if you notice the theme in this series, you will know!  But I am feeling generous, so I will tell you, yes, it thrives above the tree lines of the remarkable Alpine climate.  This gorgeous grapealious looking plant is an all-powerful antioxidant that can allay your skin.

Alpine Willowherb can decrease skin flareups, perhaps due to dry skin, eczema, or acne breakouts. 

Also, this enticing mountain botanical can mollify any impurities of your skin. I will probably say its best benefits for your skin are its ability to curb sebum production, compress pore size, and wait for it…… decrease blackheads

Yes, you read this correctly, lessen blackheads. I do not know about you, but even if your skin is nearly perfect, looking at yourself in one of those magnified lighted mirrors, YIKES, blackhead central. Anyways, turn to the miracle help of Alpine Willowherb to turn this nightmare into a dream come true!!

Alpine Willowherb is a flexible compound that is acceptable even for the most sensitive skin, oily, and combination skin types.  

Just like Alpine Willowherb, all ingredients from My AlpStory are #sustainably extracted from the Alps.  Select this delectable plant-based ingredient as one of your components for your custom facial cream or custom facial oil.

Is it Love?  

So, by now, after this two-part miniseries, there is no way you should not be in love with all these ingredients since they are utterly incredible. Isn’t Mother Nature Awesome? All the ingredients we need for our skin's best health is provided in plants, simply unbelievable.


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Now is the Time!

You got the information; customized skincare is the way of the future and what is truly best in the skincare industry.  Don’t waste another dime on commercialized brands, or time for that matter. 

Please do not follow the customized skincare train or craze because everyone else is, but simply do it since it's truly the best way to address your own unique skincare needs. Take your personalized skincare quiz, select one, or as many as your heart desires of these skin miracles and benefits that Alpine Botanicals deliver.  Your skin will not only be happy but will be noticeably at its all-time best.

Your own customized skincare formula is waiting to be discovered!  The only thing missing is you!  Visit and get started.


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