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What is Prebiotic Skincare?

Have you heard of probiotic supplements? They are believed to assist and benefit your immune system and gut microbiome, aka, gut health. Presently, prebiotics are being used in skincare as ingredients. Now super popular, prebiotics are being considered a superhero for persons battling adult acne and stubborn breakouts.   Welcome the new beauty trend, Prebiotic Skincare.

It seems that every time I turn around, there are new beauty trends while others get their walking papers. 

Have you heard of probiotic supplements? They are believed to assist and benefit your immune system and gut microbiome, aka, gut health. Presently, prebiotics are being used in skincare as ingredients. Now super popular, prebiotics are being considered a superhero for persons battling adult acne and stubborn breakouts.   Welcome the new beauty trend, Prebiotic Skincare.

When I think of Probiotics, I automatically think of yogurt.  Yes, you are reading me clearly, and no this does not mean it’s time to smear yogurt all over your face for a nighttime facial

Currently, the newest scientific research has revealed all the advantages and benefits that prebiotics for skin has to offer.

So, of course, just as any discovery in the beauty and skincare world, everyone wants to know it, experience it, and see what this new trend is all about. Beauty enthusiasts and skincare junkies have an increased interest in the profound effects horning in on our beauty and skincare niche.

There are many things you need to consider getting the best out of any custom skincare products, especially those involving probiotics. If you wish to make your skincare remedy, read on to know what probiotic skincare is and how these beneficial microorganisms can help you improve even your worst skincare condition. 

Let’s get to know about Prebiotics, first shall we? 

What Exactly are Prebiotics/Probiotics?

Probiotics are the right kind of live bacteria, and along with yeast, possess incredible benefits for gut and digestive health. They can block pathogens and adjust bacteria in your gut to fighting off bloat and other gastrointestinal issues. I sure can do away with bloat, don’t you agree?

In terms of the definition of probiotics, the scientist jumbo is that they are microorganisms that can benefit their host. Ok next.

Lining along health and wellness shelves, forever, probiotics have been promoted to use gut balancing properties. Well, move over regular probiotics, there is a new breed of bacteria strains in town, intended to work from the outside in, say what?

Equal to capsules that you or I may swallow to keep our good ole gut happy, prebiotics can also possess biome-balancing properties when applied to your skin topically. Get prepared now for the arsenal of beauty and skincare products, prebiotics for skin.  Starting with cleansers, special serum, toners, to mists and masks. They are jam-packed with kinds of hopefully friendly bacteria that guarantee to calm inflamed skin, intensify your skin's barrier, and even then, promise to soothe inflammation, strengthen the skin's barrier and even lesson your imperfections of acne, black, and whiteheads.

Pretty captivating. However, is it worth including probiotics into your ever-growing skincare regime and product collection.? Research out there says yes, but how can we be sure?  Wouldn't it be easier to personalize your skincare products so you know you will have significant results, and you know for sure what you are putting on your face since you create the custom beauty product yourself?

Is There a Difference Between Prebiotics and Probiotics? 

Time to put your thinking cap on to understand this. I was never great in science, so this will probably make more sense to you if you were. 

Anyways, so, your prebiotics is elements that administer nutrients for probiotics. Prebiotics adds to benefit to the skin directly per se. However, they allow certain valuable probiotics to thrive more easily.

So How Exactly Does Prebiotic Skincare Work?

How Do Prebiotics Work in Skincare?

On top of our skin's physical barrier is a natural bacterium tier that assists and advances healthy skin function. Washing your face in excess, ruthless exfoliation, and even chemical peels can diminish our skin's probiotic state, causing acne, extremely dry, flakey skin, and even rosacea, the development of inflammation, the number one factor of aging skin.

Almost identical how probiotics handle and deter stomach problems, topical versions known to have calming effects on by applying an outpouring of good bacteria to assist cells in thriving. When you have a happy skin barrier, it can manage your skin's oil production, keeping it hydrated and protected from free radicals.

Are There Prebiotic Benefits for Each Skin Concern, and if so, What are They?

Is your goal to have more balanced skin? If so, maybe it is time to check out personalized skincare products.  Why not have the best of both worlds?  

Prebiotic Skincare for Itchy and Irritated skin 

Did you ever have eczema as a kid? The constant itchy and irritated skin followed by swelling and inflammation. Luckily, I grew out of it, but having eczema has an adult I am sure is a complete nightmare and can affect a person's quality of life. Thank goodness for new research that shows probiotics can help ease eczema

Also, data suggests that prebiotic supplements protect against immune deterioration and lower skin inflammation, two critical causes in developing eczema.

Ideal Ingredients for Itchy and Irritated Skin

While a topical and oral form of prebiotics helps ease itchy and irritated skin as a cause of eczema, you don't know what you are ingesting or putting on your skin, so why not make your own custom beauty products with ingredients you know will help with these two things. I have personalized skincare products with My AlpStory after taking a brief personalized beauty skincare quiz in the past.  In this case, I would pick Jojoba an ingredient to make a facial oil.  

The properties in Jojoba are amazing. It has anti-inflammatory and healing capabilities. A Jojoba Facial oil can help relieve dryness, flaking, itchy and inflamed skin related to eczema.

The Fortifying Factor (Prebiotics) for Acne

The use of prebiotic creams and treatments can help all skin types in one way or another but prove to be specifically beneficial to those with constant inflammation. Science shows that since living microorganisms on your skin are identified as being foreign by your body's immune system, it automatically jumps into action against the possible threats, ending in less redness, inflammation, and bumps as it speeds up a defense response.

Keep this in Mind

Facial cream and facial oil are fully customizable, so why not take advantage and select the ingredients that you know will help clear your skin from acne and reduce inflammation. Jojoba, Green Tea, Echinacea, and Tea Tree Oil are just a few natural ingredients that you can use to create your own personalized skincare product.

Bottom line

If you are looking for excellent results with your natural skincare alternatives, ensuring the formula contains the essential ingredients is paramount to achieving healthy skin. This can be made possible by personalizing your skincare and incorporating probiotics into your skincare regime.

Want invigorating skincare? Well, My  AlpStory is the answer for you. You firsthand get to make all the decisions of what goes into your formula, to focus on your skin's own unique needs.

My AlpStory uses all organic and natural ingredients that are pure and gentle to make the angriest skin happy! Get started and create your AlpStory to be a part of the personalized skincare frenzy today.

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