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Ayurveda is an entire system of health and wellness that includes many different treatments. One of them includes the restorative and energizing practice of Marma. Marma therapy helps in cleansing blocked energy.

Ayurveda is an entire system of health and wellness that includes many different treatments. One of them includes the restorative and energizing practice of Marma. Marma therapy helps in cleansing blocked energy.

The word Marma has its origin in the Sanskrit language. It has originated from the Sanskrit word ‘Mrin’ which means death.  There is a phrase in Sanskrit ‘Marayate Iti Marmani’ that clearly means death or serious damage to the body or health Marma in Sanskrit means hidden or secret. By definition, a Marma point is a point of intersection in the body where two or more types of tissue meet. These tissues can be of muscles, veins, ligaments, bones or joints.

The Marma has incredible power to unlock your body’s potential. These refer to pressure points identified in the Ayurvedic tradition. The points carry both energetic and physical qualities; when one undergoes marma treatment, they get gently energized to awaken the body and revive its natural ability to heal itself. This brings a sense of peace and wellness.

During ancient times, Marma was known to kings and warriors and was used in battlefields to hit the enemies and cause maximum damage to the enemies. To guard their vital points Warriors wore protective armor. It was used to cure patients during the surgery as well. Marma therapy can treat common ailments to serious diseases.  Common ailments like headache, body ache, faulty spinal alignment, pain in the joints can be healed through Marma Chikitsa,

Marma treatment involves Swedana, Abhyanga, Pizhichil, and Kizhi (bolus). The Kizhi treatment is a therapy in which herbs are used. The herbs are slightly fried, wrapped in a muslin cloth and tied to make a small rounded mass of a substance called a bolus. It is then heated in medicinal oils in a frying pan and placed on the area to be treated. Then a specific massage is done using fingers, heel or palm. According to the nature of the ailment, the pressure application and the point of application vary.

The Science behind Marma Therapy

On the surface of the body, there are 107 main energy points. The Marma therapy utilizes all the 107 points in which the mind is considered as the 108th marma. The Marma points correlate with the seven chakras of the body. The points are found at the back of the body and at the front. Apart from this, it is also found at:

•             22 on the lower extremities

•             22 on the arms

•             12 on the chest and stomach

•             14 on the back, &

•             37 on the head and neck

The organ or tissue is linked to each marma point. These sites get stimulated by gently pressing or massaging it.  It clears the stress and even blocks the body. Marma therapies rectify defective energy channels. Marma points are the meeting points in the body. It is where matter, mind, and consciousness meet. For the circulation of energy, intelligence, and prana that is called the breath of life these vital points are responsible. Acupressure and acupuncture are derived from marma points as well.

What Happens During Marma?

If you are in need of physical and psychological relaxation and strength then marma therapy is for you. Applying a light stimulation of points on the body removes blockages from the marma points. There are energy points in our body called srothas, with the help of marma therapy energy channels in the body get opened. It also stimulates a chain of positive events when gently pressed on the skin.

Why is Marma Great for You?

Marma therapies work at many levels like physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. With the therapy, you can feel a profound sense of relief, relaxation and dramatic shifts in the body.

• It gives you relief from chronic or acute pain

• Does detoxification at all levels.

• It improves in bodily/organ functions significantly. It also works positively on the immunity, digestive system, and respiratory system as well.

• It provides healthier skin and a radiant appearance

• Balances body temperature and Doshas

• Improves cognitive function and provides deeper sleep

What are the benefits of marma?

Marma has benefits on the body, mind, and spirit as well. The multiple benefits of marma therapy include hydration, proper nourishment, hormonal balance, relief in pain, balance Doshas, revitalize organs, balance digestion, and relax muscles. When it comes to mind marma strengthens as well as balances the Gunas, to be in the present moment, improves perception, understanding, and communication. In addition to it, it clears the mind of vague emotions, releases stress and achieves relaxation. It also clear fogginess thus bringing clarity of thought.

People are constantly engaging their senses and there is a lot of pressure to achieve something and to become someone. We end up spending countless hours in front of the television, i-pads, kindles, laptops, and other gadgets that put enormous pressure on our senses by overusing it.

Marma gives us the necessary break from all of the ongoing activities and thus, helps us in releasing some of the stress.

What can I expect from marma?

By working on a few marma points, it puts us into a deep state of rest or relaxation and that is amazing to see. The stress and tension just melt away with this therapy. It provides healing of all kinds as it allows us to sleep better at night, removes anxiety, gives relief to the body, soothes aches/pain, provides ample rest to the mind and body, and transport the mind into a deep meditative experience. This therapy is safe for people of all ages and groups. It is beneficial for trauma patients, an illness like cancer, surgery, anxiety, insomnia, internal injuries, and many other complex conditions.

It is very important to reach a state of calmness with the practice of Sadhna. It keeps you stress-free giving a meditative experience to both the practitioner and the recipient. With a profound state of meditation, it also provides a deep sense of intimacy and oneness with the universe. With Ayurveda, you can achieve physical, a state of mental, emotional, and spiritual harmony and with marma therapy, you can tap into the bliss of harmonious life.


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