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Matthew Davies Stockton Examines If Buying A Beach House Is A Good Investment

It is a dream for many to buy a beach house and spend time vacationing. Some may even want to spend their retired life at a beach house. But is that a good decision?


It is a dream for many to buy a beach house and spend time vacationing. Some may even want to spend their retired life at a beach house. But is that a good decision? The higher tax burden, flood insurance, and property management often become serious issues of concern in such cases. So, if you are wondering if buying a beach house is a good idea or not, Matthew Davies Stockton is here to help you make up your mind.

The Factors

Here are a few factors you should look for when deciding whether buying a beach house is a good investment:

1. Is the neighborhood good- A lot of people often ignore checking this factor, but you must not. First of all, the location should be a nice place. There must be other facilities and amusements like shopping centers,  bars, restaurants, parks, and museums, etc. near the beach house. If you are planning to set up the house for rent, it will not work until you check these requirements. At the same time, accessibility is a big factor. If the location is not easily connected via local transport, then it is of no use.

2. How expensive is it- The price of a beach house is high in comparison to the inland houses. The high price means a higher rate of the mortgage. Additionally, there is a headache of mandatory flood insurance. As the weather on the east coast has gone unpredictable for the last few decades, the rate of flood insurance also rose higher and higher

If you are planning to ignore year-round maintenance and rent collection, you are definitely going to need a property manager and that is also one hell of an investment because the standard rate of a property manager ranges between 6%-12% of the collected rents.

3. Free Living- This sounds like good news. There is a near-bottomless rental demand for beach houses, meaning your house will likely be rented out for the entire high season. And the income from October to March is considered to be enough for the owner for the rest of the year. 

4. Health benefits- A lot of people come to the beach houses not only to enjoy the vacation but also to relax their mind and forget the tantrums of everyday life. Recent studies show that staying in a beach house near the sea improves your health condition as the environment is less polluted than the city area. It makes your mind meditative, eventually helping you to focus better on your life.

5. The good old memories- A beach house is not a house only; it is a part of the owner’s emotion. They say, ‘home sweet home’ and a beach house fits the saying perfectly. Of course, there are some risk factors, but in the end, the price is worth taking the risk. The time you spend there can strengthen the bonding among your family members.


A beach house is usually much more expensive than an inland house. But when considering its benefits, it is not unwise to invest here; neither is it a wrong decision to suffer for. Matthew Davies Stockton suggests you take some time, arrange yourself, and then make the decision. There is no need to hurry.


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