Mercury Transit in Pisces

Mercury Transit in Pisces and its Impacts Cancer

For Cancerians, Mercury is in their ninth house, the house of fortune, luck, and spirituality.

For Cancerians, Mercury is in their ninth house, the house of fortune, luck, and spirituality.

During this time, the natives should work on strengthening their bonds with the family, especially the siblings. They might get into an argument with the siblings. You should, however, work to improve your relationship with them and listen to their complaints or whatever they have to tell you. Help them if they are in need, and you will feel inner happiness.

You should not make any journeys, not even the spiritual ones. Traveling during the transit will only bring you restlessness and stress instead of peace and happiness. For Gemini, Mercury is the third house lord, which signifies electronics. Hence if there are any gadgets, make sure to take care of them or keep them updated; else, you might have to spend on their maintenance.

Professionals or working individuals might not feel the period fruitful. They might not yield the result of their efforts; they might get transferred to a place which they don’t like. All in all, you have to put double efforts into achieving what you are seeking.

Your boss may also not be satisfied with you; he may make you work for long hours. This might bring you close to clashes and disagreements with him. However, you are advised not to get into any arguments; let the transit pass away, and till then, stay calm and patient. Once the transit is over, things will normalize again.

The positive aspect of this mecury transit cancer is that you will try to connect with yourself. You will want to explore your hobbies and interests which you were always longing for. This is the time to establish a connection with yourself and explore your abilities.

Remedy- Donate Green Fodder to cows every Wednesday.


Mercury owns the second house for Leo individuals, which is about family, speech, and wealth. It also owns the eleventh house, which represents friends, social status, and profits. This position will make Mercury transit through the eighth house of changes and losses. This would make the natives feel a decline in their income.

The transit might also affect your speech, and you might become harsh with your words. However, not taking care of your words might make you disrupt your image; always think before speaking. Also, in your personal life, be careful with your words, or it may backfire on you.

Leo natives should make sure that they are not spending more than necessary. If they are, it is best to make a budget and stick to that. You might want to be in the limelight, but don’t spend on your friends and social circle if your budget doesn’t allow it. However, the positive aspect of the time may also benefit your spouse or in-laws.

Those who are running any business should also stay away from making any big investment. As this time is not very favorable, play your cards wisely. Stay away from any risky deals and check the papers thoroughly to avoid any complications in the future. Those who are into trading should practice caution while bidding; you can also limit the activity and resume once the transit is over.

Healthwise, you might struggle with allergies, skin, and stomach problems. It is advised that you only consume a healthy and balanced diet while staying away from polluted areas or places that contain pollen.

Remedy: Donate stationery to needy persons.

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