Amazing facts about marriage prediction and its benefits

All about marriage prediction before marriage & solutions to the problems that arise in marriage horoscope by best astrologers.

All about marriage prediction before marriage & solutions to the problems that arise in marriage horoscope by best astrologers.


When will I get married Indian astrologyWhen will I get married astrology prediction free? Is astrology that important? All these questions are most asked by our well-known astrologers. You too may be in search of such questions which are related to marriage astrology. Indians do follow astrology in every aspect of life whether it is marriage, career, and job. Here we will discuss marriage-related astrology, problems that you may face, and solutions to all.

Know Marriage horoscope by date of birth 

Need of marriage horoscope before marriage? Yes, it plays a very vital and important factor when it comes to marriage. For ages, we Indians are a good supporter of horoscope before marriage, not only in marriage also in a lot of different aspects of life. Horoscope is made in consideration with the birth date, birth time, and birthplace as well.

Marriage horoscope by date of birth is designed as per the planets placed in the solar system as per the birth date and time respectively. Many planets are auspicious and some are inauspicious as per their placement in the horoscope. 7th house in the horoscope is good for the marriage and Venus is good as a planet if it is placed in the 7th house. With marriage age prediction by date of birth free online service, you will get your age of marriage in just a click for free.

Service of accurate marriage prediction free

Some services which are given by Tabij astrology will help you in rectifying your marriage life. One of them is love or arranged marriage prediction by date of birth free online, here you will find whether you will be in arranged or love marriage in the coming life. Though we feel optimistic about our love life due to some uncertain conditions we fail to get an arranged marriage. There are many reasons other than issues that may arise in love life.

Yes, one of the vital but mostly unknown factors is the planets positioning in the horoscope which is important for getting accurate marriage prediction by date of birth free. The 5th house plays as the benefic for love marriage and 7th house plays benefic for the arranged marriage respectively. Mainly placement of Venus is taken into consideration when marriage-related queries need to be predicted.

Reasons to fight in marriage

 Some common reasons that are rise in between the couple are:

  • Commitment problem: The commitment problem arises due to the misunderstanding. There may be many factors of misunderstanding like violence among them, intimacy issue, health problems and etc.,
  • Extramarital affairs: As per a recent survey main cause of separation in marriages is extramarital affairs. This may have a lot of problems that arise to extramarital issues like intimacy problem, money problems and etc.,
  • Financial issue: The money problem is a very vulnerable factor that may affect the whole marriage along with the family.
  • Domestic violence: Mainly dowry is the reason for domestic violence. Though dowry is banned some old-fashioned families are not accepting it and it leads to drastic results.

All these above issues are solved by true marriage predictions free service which will lead you a better life. Other than this solution you will get a free marriage horoscope it is needed.

Rectify your disordered life with the second marriage

Everyone at a certain point makes mistakes and should be provided a second chance to rectify them. The same goes for marriage too due to confusion and misunderstandings couples get separated and further get divorced. They should deserve a new and beautiful life again with a partner who has a good compatibility factor. Here we provide a second marriage prediction free that will help you in getting a good life partner to solve the unsolved puzzle of your life.

Here also planets and houses in horoscope take as a responsible factor.2nd house in the horoscope plays a vital role for the second marriage but it is very rare and uncommon.

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