Unknown Facts About The Sri Sukta Homam

Unknown Facts About The Sri Sukta Homam

Sri Sukta Homam is an important Vedic ritual that is performed to attract immense wealth to a person. Read on to know unknown facts about the Sri Sukta Homam.

Sri Sukta Homam is an important Vedic ritual that is performed to attract immense wealth to a person who suffers from poverty, lacks prosperity, or experiences malefic effects. There are 15 mantras in the Sri Suktam. While Sri means “Maha Lakshmi”, Suktam means “well said”.

This Homam is dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi, who is also known as the “goddess of wealth”. She is the consort of Vishnu, and devotees worship her to get good health, happiness, peace, and prosperity.

The Sri Suktam hymn is found in the Vedas and is used during the Sri Suktam Homam. This hymn is usually recited on Fridays, a day associated with Goddess Lakshmi, along with formal worship of the Goddess, by devotees who seek peace, happiness, and prosperity. Lakshmi is the spouse of Lord Vishnu or Narayana. She represents the glory and grandeur of God. Together, Narayana and Lakshmi represent Being and Becoming. The Creator, in all His glory, is believed to manifest Himself in creation’s immense variety.

Often, spiritual seekers tend to assume that God is outside the world and that one needs to reject the world in order to realize God. This, some say, is an inadequate view because the world reflects the glory of God, just as light reflects the glory of the Sun. In the same way that light is associated with the Sun, the glory of creation is associated with the Creator. The abundance of creation cannot be separated from God, even in our love for the Almighty.

While Narayana signifies God, Lakshmi signifies the abundance, magnificence, and grandeur of Narayana. The Vaishnavas believe that Narayana can be approached only through Lakshmi, just as some believe that Krishna can be approached only through Radha or Rukmini. This actually means that the Absolute can be reached through the relative only, and the invisible can be seen only through the visible. The world of perception and experience includes the seeker, meditator, the student, or the devotee. It is the over-enthusiastic devotees who think that they are outside the world and mistakenly reject the values of life. In the process, they forget that they reject themselves, too, since they are also a part of this creation. In other words, a truly transcendent devotion to God is not practical, for God is also immanent. 

The Vishnu Purana says that Narayana and Lakshmi are like fire and heat, flower and fragrance, water and liquidity, sun and light, oil and greasiness, etc. Such comparisons reveal that the two are actually One Being. The Sri Sukta invokes God Himself as the great glory of His creation. There is no need to consider the world as evil and the divine as an other-worldly goal. This merely overestimates the path to be trodden and underestimates the world. This is the message of Sri Suktam.

Benefits of Sri Sukta Homam

• Helps one to overcome obstacles that prevent financial growth.
• Bestows great wealth and prosperity.
• Eliminates Doshas, malefic effects, and Karmic effects.
• Brings joy, peace, harmony, and good health.
• Removes all misfortunes, poverty, and evil effects.

It is ideal to perform the Sri Suktam Homam on Friday. It can also be performed on another day, based on your Janma Nakshatra. Praying to Goddess Mahalakshmi through this Homam can help one gain wealth.

Here is a verse from the Shree Suktam that can help eliminate poverty and bring balance to your life in both a spiritual and material way.

Aadithya Varnae Tapassodhi Jaatho Vanaspathi Stava Vruksotha Bilvaha ||
Tasya Phalani Tapasaanudantu Mayaantha Raayaashcha Baahya Alakshmeehi ||


O Lakshmi, your complexion resembles that of the morning Sun, the Bilva- a vanaspati was brought to you by your devout austerity. May all the fruits of the trees dissolve the misfortunes and poverty caused by my internal organs (intelligence & mind) and external organs (hands, legs, feet, eyes, ears, etc.) and also through your favor.

Some Key Facts

Married to Lord Vishnu, the Preserver or Protector of Universe, Goddess Lakshmi is associated with lotus flowers which represent “cause & effect”. The Vedas say that she has a great fondness for the lotus flower. She is depicted sitting on a lotus, and she also carries a lotus. For this reason, one of her names is Lotus.

During the Sri Suktam Homam, Lakshmi is worshipped. Mantras and Sri Suktams are chanted while performing the Homam. If you want to chant the Sri Suktam and experience its manifold benefits, you can download Sri Suktam MP3 and listen to it.

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