Information on marriage prediction and free marriage horoscope

Know your marriage age prediction by date of birth free online along with remedies to the problems during your marriage


Know your marriage age prediction by date of birth free online along with remedies to the problems during your marriage

Why should we use a marriage horoscope? What is the use of marriage prediction? when will I get married and to whom? When will I get married accurate? These are some common questions that you may face during marriage and yes, you should know the answers to these questions here we provide all important consultations by predict my life partner free service from marriage astrology. According to marriage horoscope by date of birth, your marriage prediction is done through the birth date, birth time, and birthplace. Here, We have discussed all the topics regarding accurate marriage prediction and other related issues. 

Numerology and free marriage horoscope

Marriage is a very important factor for any individual’s life but due to some quick and uneasy situation without any consultation we get married and it leads to a lot of issues and on the further basis it leads to separation and divorce. Here comes the most important factor that is marriage horoscope by date of birth, yes most of people without any astrological consultations take decisions and get married but all our fate is in the kundli, and marriage is one of the most important in it. Here you will get the best astrologer for marriage prediction point of view and other discussion related to it.

As per Vedic astrology, you will get your accurate marriage prediction and this is the oldest among all the western types of astrology. Most Indian parents follow astrology before marriage life prediction as it can either build or destroy the whole family in the coming future. As per numerology and Vedic science birth date, birth time and the birthplace of a particular individual is important, and by our accurate marriage prediction by date of birth free service given by tabij astrology.

Love or arranged marriage prediction by date of birth free online 

Every individual’s horoscope has 12 houses in it and where 5th house plays an important role for love marriage and the 7th house is responsible for arranged marriage respectively. Venus plays an important role in marriage in a respective house in the horoscope. Some good influencing planets for marriage age prediction are Jupiter, Venus, mercury, and the moon. There are some planets that affect astrology marriage prediction are the sun, Saturn, Mars, Rahu, and Ketu. 

According to our love or arranged marriage prediction by date of birth free online service celestial bodies like the sun, Jupiter, Saturn enhances arrange marriage whereas planetary objects like Rahu, Venus and Ketu go for love marriage there are some which power both love and arrange marriage are moon mercury and mars.

Problems you may face during marriage

There are many problems that come during the marriage but some that are very crucial and affect the whole life 

  • Extramarital issues: This is the most faced issue nowadays and the reason is compatibility and that may be any type whether that is financial, intimacy, or family disturbance.
  • Divorce problem solution: due to many issues people are separated and this leads to divorce.
  • Inter-caste marriage problem: when caste comes to play during marriage families get tensed whether the marriage life prediction may be in danger and it can not lead to an accurate marriage prediction.

True marriage predictions done by marriage astrology will let you know about all solutions to the above problems and provide remedies to many more issues which affect you as per the birth chart. Get your best marriage date prediction by tabij astrology. 

Know whether any chances of your second marriage or not!

According to the second marriage prediction by date of birth free online service, we will give you a perfect report on why you should go for second marriage. As per the best astrologer for marriage prediction if the 2nd house in your marriage horoscope by date of birth is fixed and strong then it is good for the second marriage. Everyone makes a mistake but it should be solved and fixed and the same goes for an individual married life. He/she should get a second chance to develop and fix it here we provide an online marriage prediction service by which you can get to live a better life.

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