Top Marriage age prediction by date of birth free online

Marriage horoscope gives you a better understanding in choosing your partner and solve issues if any in your horoscope.

Marriage horoscope gives you a better understanding in choosing your partner and solve issues if any in your horoscope.


We all should follow the marriage astrology before marriage because it gives us a clear-cut idea about our partner and if there is any uncertainty in the horoscope how to solve it. Marriage depends on a lot of factors but one of the most common and ancient ways of predicting a marriage is by horoscope. The planet's positions in houses of kundli are mostly responsible for every aspect of life. It also contains some misfortune that may arise in the coming future.

Marriage horoscope: Blue print of marriage life

When will I get married astrology prediction free? one of the most asked questions to our best astrologer for marriage prediction. People want to know about their marriage but are still confused with astrology. Free marriage horoscope provides the best matching and relevant solutions that are needed. Horoscope is nothing but the snapshot of celestial bodies when we take birth. It is made under consideration of date of birth, time, and place accordingly.

There are some planets which are responsible for good marriage life, some are unfavorable while some predict about your late marriage and second marriage too. Mainly Venus as the planet and 7th house of horoscope makes a great match for marriage.

Love or arranged marriage prediction by date of birth free online service

The above-headed service predicts whether you are to love or arranged marriage. From marriage prediction by date of birth we can also predict about love or arranged marriage you are to in future. Some planets in the houses of the horoscope are responsible for love or arranged marriage. The 5th house is good for love marriage and the 7th house is good for an arranged marriage. Rahu, Venus, and Ketu are favorable for love marriage when placed in the 5th house of horoscope. Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn are good for arranged marriage if place in the 7th house of the horoscope.


Doshas due to misplacement of celestial bodies

Just as our every detail of life are predicted from the marriage horoscope by date of birth some of our misfortunes are too predicted from it. There are many difficulties that arise during the marriage due to misplacement of planetary objects in wrong houses that may lead to harsh conditions sometimes may be life-taking as well.

So, what are those difficulties they are nothing but the Doshas? Some major Doshas that are quite harsh and pretend to be vulnerable are listed below:

  • Kaal sarpa Doshas: In this Rahu encircles your horoscope as a snake encircles his prey and it creates misfortune in your career.
  • Pitra dosha: This occurs due to unsatisfied ancestors for any reason this may lead to death in some harsh conditions.
  • Nadi dosha: if the girl and boy are of the same nadi it will rise to misfortunes as well.
  • Manglik dosha: This occurs if mars are placed at the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th position. This is one of the worst of all other Doshas.

Not to worry about these Doshas with marriage age prediction by date of birth free online service and get remedies.

Probability of second marriage

Second marriage is very trendy nowadays in India as in western countries. People face this because without referring to true marriage predictions free service they get married and face problems. But not to worry second marriage prediction free service will let you get your perfect match along with the report that will predict whether your second marriage is going to be happy or not.

Second marriage is very rare in horoscope only very less possibility gives a sign about it. Mainly the second house of horoscope is responsible for the second marriage.

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