Accurate marriage predictions & marriage horoscope for free

Get your marriage age prediction by date of birth free online with free marriage report analyzed by best astrologers for marriage prediction

Get your marriage age prediction by date of birth free online with free marriage report analyzed by best astrologers for marriage prediction


when will I get married astrology prediction freewhen will I get married Indian astrology free onlinewhen will I get married Indian astrologywhen I will get married according to my birth date? You may have many questions same as of above some related to this. Yes, marriage is a very important part of life with just a small mistake it not only affects the pair but also the whole family related. For ages, we Indians have a strong belief in marriage horoscope by date of birth as written in the granths the Vedic age. On further headings, we will discuss all accurate marriage prediction and some more services that are provided by us. 

Vedic astrology and marriage prediction

Vedic astrology is very old and it gives accurate marriage prediction as compared to any of the western cultured astrology. By numerology method in Vedic granths the whole process of marriage prediction is done and is wholly responsible with the birth date, birth time, and birthplace respectively.

We provide marriage age prediction by date of birth free online service that will give you the best results by the positions of planets in the houses in the marriage horoscope. For getting a healthy future you need to concern with the best astrologer for marriage prediction those will give you the best-related solutions and remedies if there is any type of issue in the horoscope.


Accurate Marriage prediction by date of birth free online

As we have above discussed the marriage age prediction by date of birth free online service provided by tabij astrology along with solutions and remedies we provide a report to the prediction of marriage that will help you in any problems that will give you a better life. The marriage horoscope by date of birth is predicted by the planetary positions.

 The mainly seventh house in the horoscope is taken as the strongest house for marriage if it placed with Venus our free marriage horoscope and accurate marriage prediction free service both are mainly related to the planetary placements for the true marriage predictions free for marriage.

Other services provided related to marriage

Some other services are provided by tabij astrology other than marriage age prediction by date of birth free online are:

  • Love or arranged marriage prediction by date of birth free online: This service lets you know what type of marriage you are going to face upcoming life by the true marriage predictions free. Mainly 5th house is responsible for an arranged marriage and the 7th house is responsible for the love marriage.
  • Second marriage prediction free: This service predicts whether you are to a second marriage or not. Mainly if the second house in the horoscope is strongly placed then it enhances a second marriage.
  • Marriage year prediction by date of birthBy this service, you will let know about your marriage year instantly by our best astrologer for marriage prediction. They use the numerology method which takes as input and gives the best results.
  • Solutions to Extramarital affairs problem
  • Divorce problem solutions
  • Solutions to Inter-caste marriage problems

Pujas and remedies to balance disturb married life

Some that are mainly planned to solve the marriage issue :

  • Mangal Dosh nivaran Puja: It gives solutions to the manglik dosha which is termed as the curse to the men and women of the Hindu this dosha creates a lot of troubles for them during the marriage. When mars are placed in the 1st,4th,2nd, 7th, 8th, and 12th house of either men or women, the individual is considered as Manglik. Not to worry, With Mangal dosh nirvana puja you will be able to solve this dosha by marriage astrology.
  • Maa Katyayani: It is the solution to not getting married or late marriage issue. By maa katyayani vrat or gauri vrat you will get solved.
  • Shiv-Parvati Puja: This puja is used to enhance quick or early marriage if there is any type of issue in the horoscope.
  • Sukra(Venus) Puja: as you know Venus is the planet which is responsible for marriage and if it is placed in 7th place it is very strong. Some people have an imbalance in the Venus position to stabilize the position of Venus this puja is done.

Other than all these topics above discussed true marriages prediction free service provides you a report that will give you all regarded details to need to know about your marriage astrology. For any details, you feel free to contact us. Call now +91 9776190123 or visit:

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