Get Best kundali prediction with free janam kundali analysis

Gain the knowledge of birth chart analysis by our top astrologers. Accrue about your zodiac sign, 12 houses & all details of your life


Gain the knowledge of birth chart analysis by our top astrologers. Accrue about your zodiac sign, 12 houses & all details of your life

Astrology is the fountain of knowledge to predict about the future. It is a study about astronomical character’s, their movement and the impact they put on human life. Astrologers calculate all the aspects of a person’s life through the ancient Vedic astrology science. Get your kundali prediction by our top astrologers and predict the uncertain future. Get the best remedies for enhancing your life.

Why janam kundali making is important?

As per astrology science, a person’s future can be predicted by his horoscope. Every secret of his life’s by which the person can improve in his life or decrease lies in his kundali. Through free janam kundali analysis a person can know about his zodiac sign which is a reflection of his character.

Through the kundali reading a person can know about his health, wealth, character, properties, education, career, marriage, about several dosha, demerits, favourable time in his life and many more thinks about his life.

Health- here the person can know about his health .how and when his health will be change. Is there any major health problem that he is going to face in his future? Moreover how he is going to overcome these problems.

Wealth- a person can predict his wealth through ancient astrology. What type of work he has to do so that he can be more successful in his life? These type of thinks he can know through his kundali.

Character- we can know the character of the person through his zodiac sign. If he is a calm person of aggressive. Like this type a character analysis can be done through birth chat prediction.

Marriage-the person can know about his partner. He can know all about his companionship, is it a good match to be with someone or not? A person also can predict if he is going to be make a love marriage or arrange marriage.

Dosha-there are several type of dosha that can change a person life by many ways.so to know the dosha and get some remedies that can cure that dosha we use kundali.

Favourable time – A person also can know all about his life’s favourable time. That time when all his works are done very easily or he will get more happiness at that time.

How to read kundali for future prediction

 A person always want to know about my kundali and future as this is the curiosity of every person about himself. So to predict the future we have to know some basic things about kundali. Kundali prediction is done through the astrological movement of the sun, moon and other planets.

It is also the knowledge of calculating about the person’s date of birth, place of birth and time of birth. According to that details the astrologers make 12 houses in the person’s kundali and can measure the position of all zodiac sign for that person.

By the help of detailed horoscope a person can predict and can also gain the knowledge of kundali reading for career, health, wealth and many more.

Kundali reading for marriage

Marriage is the sacred bond between individuals. Every person want to marry a person who can understand him, care for him, care about his family and so on. So kundali reading for marriage is very important as it is the decision of two person’s future life. By this matchmaking the person also can know about the compatibility of his relationship. How will be their marriage life?

There are also various type of guns. Total of 36 guns are there in a person’s kundali. If 18 or more guns of two individuals are same then the match is called rajajotak (very good match).Here you can get your online kundali and also can know about various factors about your marriage.

What will you get from kundali reading for marriage

In our kundali report for marriage you can get all type of answers to your each and every marriage questions that may bother you.

These are some questions that you are looking for your marriage -

  • When will I get married and whom?
  • What problems you can face in your marriage life?
  • Why is my marriage getting delayed and how I overcome it?
  • Details regarding Manglik dosha.
  • I have a love marriage or an arranged marriage in my future?
  • Manglik Dosh analysis for girl and boy. 
  • How will be your marriage compatibility?


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