Free Janam kundali: Get a bright future by kundali reading

Make your kundali online and get the best kundali predictions for your future along with remedies to change the fate as you desire

Make your kundali online and get the best kundali predictions for your future along with remedies to change the fate as you desire


Astrologers make kundali with the help of the numerology process. With the help of birth date, place, time astrologers calculate the position of the astronomical character. As compared to the personal details the astrologers then can predict the effect of various universal bodies on that person. what are the remedies that can solve the problem. All these prediction and remedies you can get through our online kundali making process. These predictions are very effective as the techniques that are used to predict the future is written by the ancient astrologers from the ancient time.

Can you predict your future through free kundali reading?

Horoscope is an astronomical figure of a person’s fate. It is not only believed by people but actually, astrology science has many secrets to share. Ancient astrologers write the various type of techniques with which people can predict their future easily.

It is the process of figuring the position and movement of celestial bodies that affect the human body according to their date of birth. Every person has a different fate. Here through our free kundli reading process, you can get all kind of prediction regarding your future.

Our astrologers use ancient techniques and they gain knowledge of astrology from the ancient books called panji, which is all about astrology prediction. These books are written by our ancient astrologers and by using those books knowledge our top astrologers can predict an absolute perfect future for you.

Details about kundali making, zodiac sign and 12 houses

Online kundali is a very effective chose to get your kundali along with your predictions for the future. kundali making process states with the details of the person. Then according to Vedic astrology techniques, the astrologers can predict the zodiac sign of that person, 12 houses and the problems that may affect his life.

There are 12 zodiac signs in total, all zodiac sign has a different impact on the person’s life. It is also very important in the time of marriage as in kundali reading for marriage zodiac signs plays a vital role.

There are also 12 houses where the celestial bodies stay. They can cause various type of dasha problem or can make a person wealthy in his life. Every planetary body represent something like Saturn is for long life, Shani is for death or pain, Venus is for disease, Rahu is for home problems and so on.

Dosha problems and the remedies to cure them

With the help of free kundali prediction given by our astrologers, you can get all the details about the dosha in your life. There is various kind of dosha occurs in life. According to the planetary position in your 12 houses, the planets put an impact on your life.

Manglik dosha- Manglik dosha occurs when the planet mars sit on your 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, 12th place in your kundali house. It can put a negative impact on your life regarding your marriage .it also affect differently for your horoscope matchmaking process.

Kalasarp dosha- Kalasarp dosha occurs due to the position of Rahu Ketu in your Kundli. When this dosa happens the person dreams about his death. It may lead him to many mental issues and also there is a chance of killed by a snake bite in his life.

Sadesati dosha- This is the most dangerous dosha of all time. When this dosha occurs the person can suffer from 7and half-year of life problems. Here the person can lose his character in society. With the remedies are given by our astrologer's person can bring back his happiness to his life.

There are also many dosha problems and according to the prediction, you can get cures for them. So contact our astrologer on +91 9776190123 or visit: tabij.in to get your kundali prediction and remedies to change that upcoming fate for your future life.

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