Online kundali: Achieve the goals you desire by kundali reading

Fulfil your dreams through free kundli reading understand the uncertain problems of your life & Use remedies to change your fate

Fulfil your dreams through free kundli reading understand the uncertain problems of your life & Use remedies to change your fate


Astrologers use the ancient Vedic astrology techniques to predict the hidden future and with the remedies, a person can grow easily in his life. Every person wants success in his life. With the help of free kundli online, a person can know every aspect of his life. The up and downs. The reason behind his failures and most importantly how to overcome them.


Secrets of kundali prediction

In this world, everyone wants to know the unpredictable future. It is a curious process of finding out about the questions that everyone searches for. In a person’s life, there are many question’s that can’t make them sleep.

So in the process of finding the answers people look for the ancient process of kundali prediction. It is believed that our ancestors used these techniques in their life and can predict the future easily. Our astrologers use those techniques of kundali making in our online kundali making process.

Here you can get the absolute result that can change your point of view towards your life because our astrologers use the ancient books known as panji which is written by ancient peoples to predict the future.

What will you get from the online kundli making process?

As per Vedic astrology, there are 12 zodiac signs, 12 houses and 36 guns for an individual. Astrologers predict a person's sign by the timing and the movement of planets at that particular time when the person was born. In this universe, everything is correlated to each other. 

Every person wants to know about my kundali and future by which they can know what kind of changes can be done in their future. Here from your kundali, you can get the free Janam kundali analysis for marriage that can change your thinking about your marriage.

We are also giving you the option to choose between preferable languages that you want. With this language option, you can get your kundali in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and many more languages that you want. 

Ruler Planet by Zodiac Sign in kundali and how it relates to marriage?

With the help of kundali makingyou can know the details about your zodiac sign and the planet that affects your kundali. You can also get kundali reading for marriage or about any topic that you know about your life.

Here in the process of matchmaking, the astrologers predict the couple depends upon their zodiac sign, 36 guns and the position of their planetary bodies in their kundali. These are the main points to be considered in a process of marriage.

We are also giving the solutions along with your kundali report by which you can know the future life problems and cure them with the help of remedies.

1. Sun –planet for Leo sign is the ruled by Sun.

2. Moon –cancer sign is ruled by the Moon.

3. Mars – Mars rules Aries and Scorpio signs.

4. Mercury - Virgo and its sign are Aries ruled by Mercury.

5. Jupiter – Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces signs 

6. Venus – Venus rules Libra and taros signs.

7. Saturn – Saturn rules Aquarius and Capricorn signs.

Knowledge of Kundali reading for marriage for a better future life

Kundali is the key to predict the future of your marriage life. It is the process of knowing the compatibility of a couple. Every aspect of kundali is required to predict the compatibility like zodiac sign, 12 houses, the ruler planet of your zodiac sign, the ruler Nakyatra for your zodiac sign.

Here we give you the ultimate answers for your marriage in our free Janam kundali analysis for marriage. You can get every answer that you want to know about your marriage life and details about your partner also.

So to get your kundali and change that fate of yours, you can talk to our astrologers by calling on +91 9776190123 and visit our site:tabij.in


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