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Kundli is the astronomical map that put an impact on your life. It may be a positive or negative impact depending upon the movement of universal aspects. Our astrologers predict the accurate future that will help you to find your dreams.


Basic knowledge of Kundali for prediction 

Normally kundli is the reflection of a person’s life. It shows every detail about what kind of situation a person faces in his life. Which type of problems he can face & the most important thing that how a person can overcome these problems of his life. Each part of a person’s life is located in his Kundli. 


According to ancient Vedic astrology, a person’s kundali can make by just his date of birth, place and timing. The astrologers calculate the position of universal characters and through the ancient techniques, the astrologers predict the zodiac sign, the 12 houses and the perfect horoscope for the person. So get your Janam kundali in Hindi and develop yourself.


Why do you need Kundli in Hindi?

Here we are providing you with your online kundli in Hindi and also we provide you Kundli with various languages like Telugu, Tamil, Marathi and more. In the kundli, you can get various types of predictions about every part of your life. In this Hindi kundali, you can also read various factors of your kundli and understand by yourself as it is written in Hindi.

 The Hindi kundali you create includes the following information about your life:


  • The birth chart which shows the 12 Rasi and the position of planetary bodies in each rasi
  • Vimsottari Dasha
  • Favourable period of your life
  • Antardashas or bhukties
  • Sadesati dosha
  • Mahadashas and its effect on you
  • Paryantra dasha Timings
  • Manglik dosha
  • Pitra dosha
  • Varga charts

 Some details about Kundli reading 

Kundli reading is normally done to know about our marriage, education, health, favourable time, dosha, career, character, wealth. From these all factors the most important is how to overcome your life problems and to get over with this problem our astrologers give you various types of remedies through free kundli reading in Hindi process. By this kundali in Hindi, you can know these various above states of your life.


Each state of your life is taking part an important role in your life, when it comes to marriage a person want to know about the characteristics, mental capability, common behaviour or attitude and many more things about this relationship. A good Lagna or muhurta (specific time) for the marriage.when it comes to favourable time the person wants to know when should he do a certain type of work to achieve that work properly. So basically all of this knowledge you can get by our janam kundli in hindi free with prediction.


Benefits of kundli

Janam kundli predictions in Hindi help us to understand the Hora, Muhurat & Samhita. These are also the backbone of Vedic astrology. Like Ayurveda and yoga, the Vedic astrology also has a great history. 


From this ancient knowledge, we can predict the high and low points of our life the favourable time to travel, make new business, buy accessories and many more thinks. By properly doing these kinds of works in a specific time the person can develop much faster in his life towards his goals.


Hindi kundali is the blueprint of that information that you want to know about your life, by the help of kundali reading for marriage you can predict the similarity and many more things about your partner and can also predict that how your marriage life will be.so basically by a Janam kundali in Hindi free with prediction, you can overcome all types of obstacles in your life. 


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