Migraine Problem is Common

The increase in facilities and luxury often leads to inactivity of the body. The inactivity might lead to major problems in the body. One such Migraine Problem is Common.

Migraine: What your doctor doesn’t know

The increase in facilities and luxury often leads to inactivity of the body. The inactivity might lead to major problems in the body. One such Migraine Problem is Common. Headache can occur due to numerous reasons such as food poisoning, gas problems and other eating habit problems. However, it is very hard to reach the diagnosis of migraine because of the various reasons that causes severe headache. The usually is considered as Migraine Common Headache and it occurs in once in every five females and once in every 15 males. However, there is no specific treatment for migraine and only eating habits can help in curing the issue.

Migraine Problem is common

Migraine pain can be considered as common because many times it looks like regular headache. There are two type of migraines – one that occurs with aura and other is without aura. Both these migraines might show some different effects. The regular Symptoms of Migraine are nauseas, numbness, speaking difficulty, vomiting and sensitivity to light and sound. The main reason for migraine will remain unknown because it can occur due to family history also. Thus, the person will have to rely on the sources that their ancestor used to cure the problem. Healthy eating and healthy life will help in solving the problem but at some point you will need to take up medication.

Migraine in women

It has been observes by many researchers that migraine is more prominent in women than in men. However, in the younger years, boys suffer more than the girls but as the puberty hits the ratio inverses. The main reason for migraine in females is the estrogen level. The hormonal changes that occur in the body of the female after their first period remarks the beginning of migraine. The women often suffer from severe pain in the head which might require rest and soothing time to reduce the pain. However, with the beginning of 40s, the pain will subside. It has been observes that proper source of food and nutrients can reduce the pain of Migraine Problem is Common but the person will have to maintain an easy lifestyle

Migraine awareness challenge

There is no particular test or signs that would show that the person is suffering from migraine. The usual course of action adopted by the doctors is the ruling out method. They will analyze the brain for all sorts of diseases including cancer and start ruling out the problems one by one. The ruling out method will help in understanding the main cause of the headaches. The headaches can be severe tension headaches or the ones that subsides with time or aura. These are the general symptoms for many diseases. So, it is important to create migraine awareness for the people. So, the basic Migraine Awareness will include the basics of the disease and how to identify the dominating symptoms in shorter time to reduce the chances of the disease.

Treatment for Migraine

There is no specific Treatment for Migraine as there is no specific test to identify migraine. There can be many reasons for migraine and it is important to find out the core reason of the disease. Usually, the general treatment of the disease will include pain killers that will reduce the headache. However, apart from that, the person needs to do some diet modifications that can impart instant relief from the pain. The basic modifications would include healthy food and getting proper sleep. However, therapy would help in reducing the stress which can also lead to reduction in pain. The treatment of migraine is purely based on trial and error. It would help, if the person observes the pattern through which they are suffering from maximum pain. If the source of the pain is known then they would be able to reduce the pain.

Thus, migraine is a disease that occurs purely due to theoretical reasons and there are no specific symptoms, tests or treatment. The person Suffering from Migraine has only two options – adopt the methods from their ancestors or observe their body to understand the patterns. Thus, this will help in reducing the problem of pain to a greater extent without any issues in the body.

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