Mirror Photo Booth

Elevate the party fun to the next level with Magic mirror photo booth.

Why Magic Mirror Photo Booth is the trend for modern parties?

Elevate the party fun to the next level with Magic mirror photo booth. The magic mirror photo booth is one-of-a kind photo entertainment product. It is powered by lighting system, and guests simply love it. It captures full length photograph and brings excitement to the party. They are highly portable and easy to install. Whether it’s an anniversary party, birthday party or wedding function, magic mirror photo booth is a perfect solution. It keeps the guests engaged and makes the pictures highly exceptional. The trend of photo booths is increasing day by day in almost all the parties. 

Magic mirror creates beautiful backdrops to let the guests feel real awesomeness and woo them with enchanting creativity. They give right breathing space to all the photographs and leave a better impact. The backdrops are created with the right set of colors and patterns and bring out the amazing scene for the selfie lovers. Instead of expensive photo studios, magic mirror photo booth creates ideal settings to capture dream photographs.  There are a lot of designs of magic mirror backdrop which include – florals, nature inspired views, sequins and boho themes. So, arrange magic mirror for your next party and make the day immensely memorable for all. 

Life is not just limited to close family and friends, but there are a lot other people as well with whom we share memorable experiences of life. Magic mirror photo booth adores guests as it allows them to post candid pictures on the social media platforms to steal the limelight. The expressions look enchanting and leave a larger impact on the news feed of social media platforms. The visitors receive more likes, shares, admirable comments and retweets. Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, one receives huge popularity, resulting into big fan following, and everyone just can’t stop talking about the wonderful images.

The magic mirror photo booth, usually installed at events held at Ruskoka Winter Palace Ball has an option to use a built-in email sharing option that will instantly send the final picture to the guests. The pictures can also be accessed through online album. Within hours of the event, all the pictures gets loaded on a website, where pictures can be viewed and downloaded free of cost.

Magic mirror photo booth can be even made customized by choosing right color palette and designs. The theme based magic mirror photo booth captures astonishing pictures and allows guests to relive the happy moments whenever they would look at the images. Whether it’s a corporate event or a personal event, magic mirror photo booth can be created that matches event theme. The guests would simply fall in love with your choice and would keep the entertained throughout the event. Clubbed with props, magic mirror photo booths spellbound people of all ages and make the experience even more memorable. 

Magic mirror photo booth – an online activity allows the users to create their own masterpiece.Using latest technology, the full-length mirror brings out the customized sleek designs and communicates with guests through entertaining voice guidance and adds a touch screen of colorful animations. With personalized and branded animations, it takes photo-taking to the next level as an experience.

Another most exciting feature of magic mirror photo booth is in-built signing and stamping feature. Your guests will simply love this feature as it allows people to personalize their photographs. They can give wings to their imagination by creating a huge color palette and lots of fun tools. They can draw and sign their names directly on the image. They can also add a fun emoji and then get it included on the final image. Also, before saving and printing the picture, they can check the final image and make changes as per their requirement. 

It is concluded that magic mirror photo booth is the most modern and entertaining event décor element that must be included for every party. The amazing backdrops, colorful animations, unusual voice modulations prompts the guests to be entertained like a VIP.  The interactive Magic Mirror allures all the guests with the unusual photos. Their copies can be printed on the spot and can even be emailed to the people to save it as a soft copy. So, if you want to make most of the next event, book magic mirror for your next celebration and spread jubilance all around.

Mirror Photo Booth
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