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Mobile App Development Guide- 2021

With the growing preference for smartphones in the world, mobile app development has become the new normal to reach out to a large number of customers without too much fuss. With each passing day, technology is empowering people to bring in cross-functionality and work on multiple platforms all at once.

Custom mobile app development services have become a rage today due to the fact that  customer expectations have reached an all-time high. As a result, the mobile app development domain has been growing at a rapid pace, making applications the most trendy way of marketing and selling products online.

Mobile App Development and its Purpose

As far as the definition goes, mobile application development involves a set of strategies that help with the creation of software for various computing devices.

As far as the purpose of creating a mobile app goes, it can be put into 3 different sections-

Section 1- An app that solves some kind of problem

Perhaps the biggest reason for creating a mobile app is its ability to work without an online connection, and then also be a problem-solver to get through some sort of issue that users may, or usually face.

Section 2- Something that’s good for a few hours of entertainment

Mobile apps that are good enough to entertain normally find a large number of takers due to their high range of capabilities and fandom among a large demographic. The fact that they are free in the beginning is another positive for such apps.

Section 3- Making everyday lives easier with added value

There are certain mobile apps that provide added value to the usual services that are offered by businesses, like shared screens, meetings that involve people from various locations, and other stuff like that.

Benefits of Mobile Apps

As far as custom software development services go, here’s a look at some of the notable features of mobile applications-

Content that’s personalized

Today, people don’t have time for things that are not aimed to sort out their lives. This is where mobile apps make things better and better. They offer content that’s tailor-made to suit their needs, giving them everything exactly as per their preferences.

Make users actually ‘use’ the device features

Mobile apps help users to make the best use of their mobile features. The app code is written in such a way that the device features get seamlessly integrated into the app functions and purpose.

Apps become brand ambassadors

With a mobile app, a brand can proceed with the design in a way that they deem to be fit in attracting the masses. From the colors to every single aspect, apps become the true representation of a brand.

Better Website SEO

Yes! You heard it right. Google’s algorithm today also provides ranking to the in-app content, which can be modified from time-to-time, ultimately assisting users with their website SEO as well.

Mobile App Design Process

Designing an app involves so much more than using the already designed software. While help will always be available, app design entails an understanding of what exactly is expected from an app, and the kind of features that are supposed to be there in the final product.

Here’s a basic insight into a general app design process-

  • Creating screen diagrams and user workflow.
  • Coming up with wireframes.
  • Finalizing the many different elements, patterns, and colors.
  • Designing the perfect mockups.
  • Coming up with a design prototype and then employing tests.
  • Fine-tuning of created mockups based on the user feedback.

App Development Cost

The average cost of developing a mobile app with good enough features and functionality costs around $28K for iOS, while a mobile app for Android can set you back by $23K. Both these mentioned figures are average calculations, and can always differ on the number and kind of features needed.

TO CLOSE IT ALL, it’s important to understand that you are not the only one trying to connect with customers, and competitors will come up with their app offerings as well. With more lives revolving around smartphones, it’s surely the perfect time to get a mobile app for yourself.

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