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Mobile App Marketing Success - Go beyond ASO

So, you’ve launched your first mobile application. Congratulations, it is a huge accomplishment! And you should be proud of this achievement.

So, you’ve launched your first mobile application. Congratulations, it is a huge accomplishment! And you should be proud of this achievement.

However, just launching a mobile app is unfortunately not enough. You’ll need an effective marketing strategy to reach the audience that would download and use your mobile app. Though highly important, do not limit yourself to only App Store Optimization. 

Let us discuss some of the top app marketing tips and tricks that’ll help you curate the best mobile app marketing strategy to succeed.

#1. Understand your Target Audience

Get the basics right! You must exactly know whom you are pitching your app to.

Study and research your audience throughout, who they are, what they like, where do they live and all that jazz.

This will not only help you develop the right product in the first place but also devise the right marketing strategy.

Remember that your audience must be the deciding factor of your strategy, and at all times you must deliver what your audience wants.

#2. Content Marketing

Content Marketing is one of the biggest pillars of marketing anything online and offline. Most of your efforts should be centered around this activity.

Regularly publish good quality content, be it publishing articles, videos, audio files, podcasts and much more.

Guest-post on other blog websites and collaborate with other content creators in your domain for app promotions.

#3. Video Marketing

Video marketing is the new frontier of promoting your brand and pushing content. YouTube has now taken over other search engines and has become the second biggest search engine after YouTube.

YouTube alone has an ever-growing audience of over 1.9bn users. More and more people are now preferring videos over written content, which is why video promotion must be taken very seriously.

Furthermore, YouTube being a subsidiary of Google, the videos on YouTube get higher ranks on Google search results as well.

Promote your mobile application and your services extensively through videos. Collaborate with other content creators on YouTube and gain enhanced visibility and branding for your app.

Keep the videos short, crisp yet engaging and informational. Optimize the videos with the right title, description, search tags, and an attractive thumbnail.

#4. Paid Advertisements

Finally, once you have a stable product live in the market and are receiving a positive initial response on your app. It is time that you take your app marketing up a notch.

Run paid ads on Google Play Store and Apple App Store on the most prime keywords. This will give your app downloads an exponential boost when strategized correctly.

You can also run paid advertisements on traditional marketing channels like television or print media.

#5. Press Release

Additionally, you can also reach out to different press and news agencies to publish content promoting your mobile application.

These agencies have a huge network of active readers and followers who eagerly wait to read what

This one activity will promote your app and your brand to their reader-base and will eventually result in increased traffic to your app.

#6. Social Media

Finally, the front that has become the most active in recent times, social media. Today, if you do not have a presence on social media then it is as good as having no presence at all.

Social media is the best way to directly reach out to your consumers and potential users. Set up accounts on the platform where your audience is most active.

Connect with them and take direct feedback on your product or services. Promote up-coming products, services, discounts or offers on your wall.


There is no doubt that App Store Optimization plays a vital role in staging any mobile app on the app stores. But your marketing efforts must not be limited to just ASO.

Promote your mobile application on all frontiers for all-round success. Make sure that you devote special attention to marketing your app when you create website into app.

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