Modular Kitchen Furniture Design

one of the best modular kitchen providers in lucknow is daf modular kitchen. they are known for their creativity and technology to make a brand new modular kitchen.

The “Modular Kitchen Furniture Design” is associated with precision and detail. However, it is also an extension of emotion, style, personality  – a place where the best of our memories are made. Knowing that the way to the heart of the family runs through the kitchen,  DAF understands this special line of product, and therefore it ensures that every kitchen is designed and detailed as per the personality of its user. Right from an individual style to the choice of colors or materials that reflect the distinct identity  – we at DAF Modular Kitchen are committed to building a space that is beautiful, functional and a mirror of your lifestyle. DAF Modular kitchens are extremely popular due to their stunning designs and accessories.

Today’s Modular kitchen Designers in Lucknow is the sophisticate’s delight – a perfect blend of style, accessories, colors, and materials required for the meal and family to come together. We thereby offer a bouquet of styles – be it classic, modern or contemporary with boundless combinations of materials and colors to achieve the kitchen just for you. 


Classic Kitchens: Timeless, elegant, ornate! Style reminiscent of the bygone yet beautiful and royal era is no longer just a dream. Choose from the wide palette of finishes in PU paint, foil, veneer, solid wood at DAF and relive the rustic classic era forever. 

Modern Kitchens: A Modular kitchen Design in Lucknow goes in sync with the balanced lifestyle – an extension of patterns and edges making it smartly functional. Find materials from acrylic, PU paint, foil, glass, etc. to get a perfect Modern Kitchen Design in Lucknow to Contact DAF

Contemporary Kitchens: Crisp and minimal – DAF offers kitchens in varied shapes, curves, arcs L-Shaped Layout, Straight layout, U-Shaped layout, Parallel layout, Island layout, Peninsular kitchen. Finishes vary from PU paint, anti-scratch laminates, curved acrylic, etc.


A huge team of experienced kitchen designers puts their heart and soul into role-playing as it were, being the very customer that they are working for. Every small bit counts, every little attention to detail in design, the experts’ suggestion in choice of materials, and the precision of engineering – all this makes the kitchen completely utilitarian. Navigating into the lifestyle of your dreams – we enhance your signature style with flair and color. Modular Kitchen Designers

Contact us anytime for modular kitchens and wardrobes related queries, pricing or any other details We are available at these numbers 0522 2750242, +91-6390000242


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