Wood Countertops

Wood Countertops – Best Choice for Modern Kitchens

In these changing times, when the definition of modernity is changing slowly, wood countertop has already made its space in your modern kitchens. To give an aesthetic look to your kitchen, buy the good quality wood countertop on Furniture Phoenix now!

If given a chance, would you like to bring back your basics?

Will you like to bring back wood to your home?

Shocked? Well, yes, it can happen now!

A few years ago, when urbanization and modernization were at their peak, many things that came from our roots vanished. People started fantasizing about everyday things, technology, and the relaxation of people's lives from technology.

When we are modern and developed, when everything is so different from the things as they were decades ago, suddenly people have started admiring nature. After the change in climatic conditions, they see going back to basics as the only opportunity to survive. This is the reason why reclaimed furniture is being made, and wood is back in business.

Wood countertops have now replaced your kitchen countertops that once had granite and quartz countertops. These countertops are the best choice for modern kitchens. Though wood has returned to the kitchens, it is not the same old wood. It has changed. It has become trendy, appealing, and it has upgraded itself with certain qualities that will force you to get a wood countertop in your kitchen right now.

This blog will discuss wood countertops' qualities apart from being solid and flat that makes it more desirable.



Granite, tile, and marbles that came with modernization are not good with absorbing shocks. On the other hand, wood countertops have a tremendous shock-absorbing capacity. This quality increases the life span of these countertops.

Additionally, when a wood countertop is sealed and installed correctly, it assures that countertop can now last forever.



When a wooden top is added to your kitchen, it gives nostalgia. It feels like antiques have reborn and decorated on the slab. These countertops are warm and impart a warm feeling to your place. This cozy feeling in the kitchen maintains an average temperature inside. In such a great vibe and beautiful kitchen, anyone can work for hours.



Some years ago, it was believed that plastic surfaces, due to their non-porous nature, are the ideal surface for chopping. Woodentops were not considered suitable for the same purpose. This is so because a wooden surface is porous and believed to be a perfect surface for harmful bacteria's growth.

After all these years and numerous researches, wood has been discovered as the ideal surface for chopping vegetables. On a wooden surface, without external intervention, the bacterial population disappears quite fast. In all these researches, it has also been proven that harmful bacteria can sustain for a long and multiply rapidly on plastic surfaces.

There are different species of wood that exhibit other qualities. But collectively, they have the power to kill bacteria quickly.



When you decide to get wood countertops inside your kitchen, then it gets feasible to cut templates. Moreover, it gets even more comfortable to install them. Compared to granite, quartz, and marble, wood countertops have a minimum amount of chemical components present. The lack of a chemical in the countertops makes it extremely safe to come in contact with foods. The main characteristic of Wood Countertops that makes it more desirable is, any scratch on its surface can be easily removed by sanding the surface.

Wood countertops are only employed to the surface that can be easily cleaned and renewed without significant help or special skills.

While fixing wood countertops in your kitchen, you can also add your flavor to it. These countertops welcome all creativity and look even more beautiful after the art is incorporated into it.



The price of wood countertops is higher than laminate. When compared to tile, stone, and granite, the cost of wood countertops is much less.

There are different types of wood countertops available, which are suitable for your kitchen hardtop.



These are the five qualities of wood countertops that make it unique and different from other countertops. In these changing times, when the definition of modernity is changing slowly, wood countertop has already made its space in your modern kitchens.

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